Development of the Cosmetics industry in Turkey

The cosmetics industry, one of the most important sub-sectors of chemical industry, has been showing steady growth – with current export figures being the best indicator of this development. Increasing its turnover by approximately 10 per cent year on year, the Turkish cosmetics sector is now a 3 billion dollar market.

In 2013, the export value was 1 billion 171 million dollars mainly to Iraq, Russia and Iran as well as Germany, Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Libya, United Arab Emirates and Poland.

Although the cosmetics sectoral export seems to be mainly to the Middle East and the Northern Africa, Europe is also one of the markets we put emphasis on, especially with the recent economic recovery in the EU, reflecting positivly on export.

In the first half of 2014, the cosmetics sector earned 88 million dollars from exportation to Iraq, Russia, Iran, Germany, Azerbaijan, England, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Libya and Romania. European Countries are currently one of our most important markets.  As a result of recent economic recovery in Europe, we believe that we can make up for the current loss resulting from the Middle East and the neighboring countries, with new markets and European countries.

There needs to be a focus on promotional and marketing studies, most importantly on branding in order to increase the Turkish share in the global cosmetics market.

At İKMİB, we carry out various studies to assist our exporters. We organize national participation to international cosmetics exhibitions in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, bringing the cosmetic sector together in different geographical locations. Moreover, İKMİB organizes trips for external purchasers to contribute to sectoral export,  as well as national participation to international exhibitions.

With our Cosmetic Sector – Foreign Marketing Team consisting of 41 companies, under the sector R&D studies, we will introduce our exporters to new markets with high potential.

In cooperation with AKMİB (Mediterranean Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association) and under coordination of General Directorate of Export of Economy Ministry, we have established the Cosmetic Promotion Group. This group will define export strategies, target markets and contribute to the introduction of the sector to the World by organizing advertising and promotional activities.

Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients Exhibition will take place between 12-14 November 2015 in Istanbul. This exhibition will be a platform in order to support the Cosmetics Industry in Turkey. For more information please visit

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