Formulation Summit to host brand-new roundtables

Formulation Summit to host brand-new roundtables

in-cosmetics Formulation Summit announces further details of expert seminar programme including brand-new roundtables

OCTOBER 2020 – The renowned in-cosmetics Formulation Summit will return in a new virtual format from 17-19 November 2020 to offer unparalleled, up-to-date intelligence into the biggest trends influencing the beauty industry. This year’s online event will delve into the various aspects of formulating in the climate change age.

Taking the conference online has meant that for the first time ever, the organisers are able to offer smaller, more in-depth roundtables. There will be eight breakout sessions, each lasting 45 minutes, where up to 20 participants can hone in on the key topics featured in the programme.

In addition to interactive polls, attendees will be able to interact via the chat function with a select few also able to chat live on video. Each session will be moderated by an expert in that field, covering the following topics:

  • Safety of natural ingredients, moderated by Mojgan Moddaresi, Cosmetics Safety Assessor, Personal Care Regulatory Ltd
  • Clean beauty challenges and opportunities, moderated by Paolo Camattari, Formulation and NPI Manager, Cosmetic Ireland
  • Waste reduction/circular economy, moderated by Minna Yamamoto, Senior Specialist, Biorefining Business Development & Production, St1
  • What is the role of packaging in a more sustainable cosmetic industry? moderated by Paul Day, NPD & Packaging Consultant
  • Consumer behaviour: How can we help combat climate change as individuals? moderated by Andrew McDougall, Associate Director – Beauty & Personal Care, Mintel
  • Business challenges in adapting to sustainable practices, moderated by Barbara Olioso, Founder, The Green Chemist Consultancy
  • Natural Claims, Misinformation and Deception, moderated by Theresa Callaghan, Founder, Callaghan Consulting International
  • How to implement sustainable elements in a cosmetic formula, moderated by Martijn Gipmans, Principal Consultant and Team Lead for the Chemical & Life Science Sectors, thinkstep AG
Not to miss sessions

A total of 19 presentations, panel discussions and main stage interviews will take a deep dive into the topic of formulating in the climate change age.

Andrew McDougall, Associate Director – Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel, will present a session on Eco-conscious living: Navigating a safer future. He will share his thoughts on how, in the coming future, necessity will drive politics, societies, science, and economics to innovate along more ethical lines as larger populations navigate a new and changing climate reality.

Registered R&D professionals will also get to hear from Iguatemi Costa, Senior Scientific Manager for natural & sustainable ingredients at Natura, who will reveal the company’s vision and practices to innovate below 1.5 degrees. In the presentation, he will introduce some concrete cases and practices of phyto-cosmetic ingredients development and their relationship with the commitment of a low carbon production as well as debating the importance of adding sustainability in the core of the cosmetic business.

Another session not to miss will be led by Neil Cunningham, Founder & CEO, School of Industrial Rheology. In the Covid age, in-vitro sensory prediction methods provide the formulator with the ability to capture and benchmark desirable sensory properties and rapidly screen multiple formulations with a minimum of human contact. In his seminar on No-Human-Contact Sensory Prediction with Rheology and Tribology, Neil will introduce some simple yet powerful techniques available to fast-track sensory prediction for cosmetic skincare, makeup and haircare applications and reduce the workload for the sensory panel.

A further highlight will be Nicolas Huang, Associate Professor at Université Paris-Saclay. He will deliver a session titled Innovative emulsions stabilized by biodegradable nanoparticles: A physicochemical study. In his talk, he will focus on an innovative approach developed in the university’s lab based on the stabilisation of emulsions by biodegradable nanoparticles and on their physicochemical implications.

Finally, Barbara Olioso, Founder of The Green Chemist Consultancy, will invite attendees to join her on the journey to Cosmetic preservation in the climate change age. She will share her belief that as people’s skin is becoming more sensitive manufacturers will use lower preservative levels, combined with natural multifunctional cosmetic ingredients or using only multifunctional ingredients.

For more information on this year’s programme, visit the in-cosmetics Formulation Summit website here: Registration is now open with early-bird rates available until 23 October. Delegates gain access to the conference programme, including seminars and breakout sessions, meeting invites to sponsors, delegates and speakers, and live ingredient demos.

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