Evonik’s advanced delivery systems Portfolio: A Q&A with Joan Gonzalez, Evonik’s Global Head of Marketing

Evonik’s advanced delivery systems Portfolio: A Q&A with Joan Gonzalez, Evonik’s Global Head of Marketing

Since Evonik’s acquisition of Infinitec, it has built a large and extremely advanced delivery systems portfolio in cosmetics and is able to provide countless solutions to R&D, formulators, and even marketers. We heard from Evonik’s Global Head of Marketing – Delivery Systems, Mr. Joan Gonzalez to explore this topic further.

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1. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a real rise in interest and emphasis on active ingredients within skincare products. While the active ingredients play a large role in creating skincare products that are effective, the delivery systems of these ingredients are just as important. Could you expand further on this?

Although many consumers are unaware of the important role delivery systems play in their favourite skin care product, they are one of the most critical, vital components to ensure the overall functionality and performance of a product. It is a bold claim, but true. Active ingredients are the true stars of a personal care or skin care product, as they are the ingredients that deliver on the product claims. But they rely on innovative, effective delivery systems to make good on the claims found on skincare, personal care, or beauty product labels and packaging. We should always understand active ingredients and delivery systems as a duo. One is as important as the other.

2. How would you describe the present impact of delivery systems in the cosmetic industry?

We’ve seen how beauty and science have become more intertwined, with science and technology playing key roles in the advancement of the beauty industry. Consumers, too, have become more ingredient savvy. They evaluate product quality and performance over marketing hype to maintain their brand loyalty. Over the few past years, an increasing number of beauty brands are using these “smart” delivery systems to launch higher-performing skin care and make-up products. To engage consumers and create a loyal following, brands must differentiate themselves and their product offerings to compete with all the noise in the beauty market. For most of our clients, it is critical to stay ahead of the curve by using cutting edge ingredient technology to offer their customers next-generation products that produce real results.

3. What are the advantages of cosmetic delivery systems and how can formulators make better use of them when creating finished products?

The first directive of a delivery system is to solve a problem. At the beginning, a cosmetic delivery system was a technology created to incorporate, integrate, protect, and stabilize the active ingredients within a skin care, personal care, or cosmetic product. But, nowadays, delivery systems equal performance as they have other critical abilities such as making sure active ingredients arrive at their intended destination at the optimal consistency, temperature, pH, in the correct amount of time or extend their bioavailability within skin time to yield superlative results. Our technology also allows for the use of fewer actives with better efficacy, contributing to clean and more sustainable cosmetic formulations. And it is this integration of active ingredients that make cosmetic delivery systems so vitally important to product formulations. Cutting-edge delivery systems are ace at helping formulators create both highly powerful and highly stable products that help active ingredients step up to the plate and deliver big results.

4. Can you talk to us about your extensive delivery systems portfolio?

There is no single, unique delivery system that works for everything, since its selection depends on many factors, either by the type of ingredient that is intended to be incorporated and its physical and chemical characteristics, the place of the action or even the duration of such action. Having the largest and most advanced portfolio of delivery systems technologies allows us to always find the best solution for any specific problem. The present offer of Delivery Systems allows us to expand the capabilities of our active ingredients business and strongly contribute to create the value and innovation our customers love.

5. Do you feel the matter of delivery systems gets lost when it comes to skin care marketing?

Today is one of the most exciting times in history for cosmetic and beauty product formulators but also for marketers and consumers. Thanks to incredible innovations in delivery system technology, brands are now offering the most effective products ever to bring consumers a myriad of results and the beautiful, healthy skin and hair they lust after. We are far from reaching the notoriety that active ingredients have, but it is becoming more and more common to see how Delivery Systems gain importance in the final products of many cosmetic brands. At present, the innovation and technology that Delivery Systems provide represent a great added value in such a competitive market.

Joan Gonzalez
Global Head of Marketing | Delivery Systems | Care Solutions
Mobile +34 672257202 |  juan1.gonzalez@evonik.com
Infinitec Activos S.L. | Nutrition & Care
Can Parellada 22, 2-3 | 08170 Montornés del Vallés | Spain

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