Latest ingredients round-up: From partnerships to plant root actives

Latest ingredients round-up: From partnerships to plant root actives

Willow Biosciences aims to expand uptake of CBG

Coinciding with the start of production for its new cannabigerol (CBG), Willow Biosciences says it is undertaking initiatives to help customers in the cosmetics arena evaluate and understand the ingredient.

The CBG ingredient is the company’s first commercial cannabinoid and is starting production in the first quarter of 2021 with the cosmetics and personal care industry as its target industry.

Willow has engaged Signum Biosciences, a biopharmaceutical company working in the consumer products area, to generate safety and data information to demonstrate the active properties of the cosmetic ingredient.

It is also using a comprehensive safety assessment to independently vet that its CBG is ‘Generally Regarded As Safe’ (GRAS) for use as an ingredient in food applications.

“The work we are doing to study the safety and activity of CBG will help to separate us from the rest of the industry,” said Willow CEO, Trevor Peters.

“We expect to supply our customers with highly pure product and provide them with the tools they need to create a diverse set of consumer products with CBG.”

Willow Biosciences says it is expecting to achieve its first sales of CBG in the second quarter of 2021, which is six months ahead of expectation.

TriNutra launches black seed oil for cosmetics

black seed oil

A new black seed oil-based ingredient called B’utyQuin has been launched for cosmetic formulations has been launched U.S.-based ingredients provider, TriNutra.

Said to offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties derived from the flowering plant Nigella Sativa, the properties of the extract have been standardised to contain 3% thymoquinone which contains the active properties.

The company’s research and trialling has found that B’utyQuin’s provides a positive effect on mitochondrial functions in ATP production, as well as being linked to efficient energy production and improved respiration of sugars and fats.

With respect to the direct impact on the skin, the ingredient is said to provide general soothing and relieves scalp scaling, irritation and lead to a reduction in dandruff and excessive skin oils, while also having a positive impact on a number of other dermatological conditions.

The ingredient is said to be ideal for face creams to provide luminosity and firmness while providing soothing effects and helping to reduce dandruff when applied in a hair serum.

“When we age, the mitochondria suffer a decrease in enzymatic activity leading to a reduction in energy production and less efficient respiration and metabolism,” said Morris Zelkha, CEO of TriNutra

“By addressing skin ageing at a cellular level, B’utyQuin is able to better help the body’s natural functions to keep the skin healthy, vibrant, smooth and strong.”

Clariant forges partnership for plant root actives

plant roots

Leading ingredients player Clariant has announced a partnership with Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT), a company focused on plant-based active ingredients for cosmetics.

The agreements will give Clariant a 10% stake in the PAT business, enabling a joint development agreement and exclusive distribution of a range of powerful active ingredients derived from plant roots.  

The partnership will tap into PAT’s research strengths in precious compounds from plant roots, while combining the claim substantiation and marketing and sales experts for the Clariant Active Ingredients business.

The different areas of expertise in the two businesses will be combined to develop a new range of premium products that will reach the market through Clariant’s global network.

PAT has developed a range of industry-recognised sustainably produced plant natural compounds that includes its Plant Milk Technology and Target Binding Technology.

PAT’s industry awards have included PCHi Fountain Award for the anti-ageing ingredient Prenylium, which also garnered the in-cosmetics Innovation Award for the ‘Environment’ category.

Gattefossé invests $30 million to start US ingredients production

Texas flag

France-based ingredients provider Gattefossé has confirmed that it is to start production in the US thanks to an economic incentive from the Lufkin Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) to its North American affiliate, Gattfossé USA.

The company says it will invest a minimum of $30 million in capital and commit to at least 10 new full-time employees at its new production facility in the city of Lufkin, in East Texas.

Construction on the new facility will commence on October 1, 2022, and the goal is to complete the project ready for US production to begin on June 30, 2024.

On the back of Gattfossé’s investment, the city of Lufkin has committed to providing a 15-acre tract of land located in the city’s Industrial park, as well considering a 10-year tax abatement for the company.

“We know this facility will accelerate our core values of diligently working to guarantee the quality and reliability of our ingredients while providing our customer with all the support and resources they need to make successful products that address global consumers demands,” said Eric Brun, President and CEO, Gattefossé North America.

Lufkin authorities have endeavoured to open up the city to international investment and as part of these efforts it recently obtained Foreign Trade Zone designation. 

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