What’s new in CBD (cannabidiol)?

What’s new in CBD (cannabidiol)?

As curious as it may sound, I found inspiration to write this article thanks to a cup of coffee. I am Colombian and coffee has always been important to me. I like to look for coffees that are special, unique and now the trend in my country is the production of micro-batches, of select and high-quality varieties, which seek to generate experiences in consumers beyond taste. The Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia is an example of human adaptation to difficult geographical conditions where high altitude coffee growing developed in the middle of the Andes mountains and also in other areas. In this landscape, the human, family and generational efforts of coffee growers are combined, which led to Unesco declaring it a World Heritage Site in 2011.

It is gratifying to find, for example, in the high mountain areas of Quindío, coffees produced at high altitudes and which, due to metabolic adaptations of the plant, generate chocolatey, soft and elegant profiles in the coffee bean. I recently found a CBD-infused coffee that has a spectacular sensory profile with pistachio, herbal and nut flavours, moderate acidity, and releases herbal, lemongrass, and intense cannabis aromas. The contribution is 8 mg of CBD per gram of coffee. CBD definitely continues to generate very interesting trends.

The global CBD market was estimated at US$2.8 billion in 2020 and has a projection of US $3.5 billion by 2021. It has a projected CAGR of 21.2% from 2021 to 2028 to reach a projected value of US $13.4 billion in 2028.

Next, we are going to travel from the green mountains of Colombia to some of the current CBD trends.

CBD capsules

Expansion of the legalization of cannabis and derivatives: This is a very interesting point for the cosmetic industry since several countries are making considerable progress in the regulation and legislation of these products.

Wellness and CBD: This is one of the most dynamic trends, as there are a wide variety of launches related to products for oral consumption such as capsules, gums, infusions, etc., that help people to obtain the best benefits in topics such as rest, well-being, relaxation, recovery, pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress action.

CBD Bath Bombs: We are seeing very exciting launches of bath bombs that help relieve redness and muscle pain thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Food and drinks with CBD: The sale of these products has had a significant increase in recent years, we see new ideas in the launch of chocolates, gummies and infusions. The playful concept is key in this trend. Brands like Weed Claw, Hi FI hops and Oh Hi are big players in the sector.

CBD and intimate care: There are new publications and reports that indicate how CBD can enliven the sex life. We are seeing product innovations that help increase sensitivity, increase blood flow in the genital area, provide relaxation, and provide stimulating novel lubrication. This is interesting because there are companies that are setting trends with new concepts of massage oils, edible products, lubricants and erotic cosmetics.

CBD and scalp: New proposals to reduce itching and irritation of the scalp. In the coming months, we will see very interesting studies at congresses, fairs and specialized magazines on the properties of CBD in hair cosmetics.

CBD therapies for pets: This trend is very interesting, as CBD is gaining more and more ground in interesting products for dogs and cats. We find benefits such as analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD tampons and suppositories: Help fight cramps, bloating and fatigue, common side effects during menstruation. We found proprietary products that mix CBD extracts with cocoa butter, safe to be used vaginally or anally. CBD tampons release a small amount that can be absorbed by the mucosa to help reduce uterine pain. Consumers mention that the benefits are perceived from 30 minutes.

Energy patch: Innovation is also showing us very interesting options in the patch format. We see patches with the energy boost claim, which have vitamins B12, D and CBD. We also find a variety of patches for the eye area with CBD that help relieve signs of fatigue and stress in this area.

Marshmallow: Explosive combination of chocolate-coated marshmallows enriched with CBD. Without a doubt, the mixture of chocolate and CBD is a great source of inspiration for new cosmetic concepts.

Eau de CBD: In perfumery, we see very interesting concepts such as products that have 150 mg of CBD and that are specially designed for people who have allergies and sensitivity to aromas.

CBD plant

CBD Honey: Organic honey enriched with 100 mg of CBD. The applications in desserts and confectionery are very interesting.

CBD Powder: In the market, we find new formats of CBD and derivatives in powder presentation that can be used in cosmetics. The solid cannabis trend is beginning to consolidate in several categories.

CBD massage candles: Interesting applications where the product is available without perfume or in different versions that include essential oils. In the instructions, it is mentioned that the candles should be left on for 20 minutes so that the soy wax has time to melt in order to be used in the massage.

CBD and men’s grooming: The great CBD trend also reaches men’s cosmetics. Recently the discographic producer DJ Khaled launched the Groomed x Blesswell line in Chicago, in the store, customers can enjoy free cleaning services, as well as purchase differentiated products such as a blue charcoal face mask, beard conditioner, moisturizers, scrubs, bath gels and shaving creams.

CBD Ice creams: California-based Angel Haus recently launched gourmet cannabis-infused ice cream. Its aim is to satisfy the most extravagant cravings of consumers.

Narcotic claims: The CBD boom is generating a trend in which we will see the decay of other substances and benefits for cosmetics and food. The regulatory path is long, but this is a market trend that represents great opportunities for innovation.

CBD Dispensers: Cultiva Wellness has launched a new machine in Miami a few months ago considered a smart sales and dispensing experience, designed to offer the most exclusive selection of CBD and wellness products that adapt to the lifestyle. It has several features to help adults get the products they need safely. With remote monitoring and operation, a contactless payment system, and blockchain technology to verify age, the next-generation dispenser makes hemp and CBD products more accessible.

CBD & Sports: the application of CBD in products for athletes, athletes and fans of a healthy lifestyle is a very interesting category. There are several products that show the benefits of CBD for people who practice CrossFit, Yoga and MMA and in general, for athletes who demand a lot from their bodies. We find gels for muscle aches, massage oils, creams for muscles and joints, sublingual drops that can contain up to 500 mg of CBD, balm, multivitamin products, lozenges to suck, tinctures, body creams, recovery creams and other formats that mark the pattern.

CBD is definitely setting trends in various categories and in the coming months we will continue to see very interesting innovations and proposals. Undoubtedly, thanks to the new regulatory advances there is a great opportunity in the market. The challenge is to develop innovative proposals that continue generating trends.

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