Natural skincare and skin sensitivity: Watch on-demand

Natural skincare and skin sensitivity: Watch on-demand

From natural collagen to holistic peptides and melatonin. These are some of the topics that were covered during “Educational Week”, a series of webinars brought to you by in-cosmetics Korea. Focusing on the latest local and global trends, scientific advances, and the newest product launches, Educational Week ran from 15 to 19 June.

On Thursday 18 June, the focus was Skin Sensitivity. With environmental pollution and excessive screen time negatively affecting skin conditions, skin sensitivity is a very topical issue. Nikko Chemicals discussed C.L.E.A.N Beauty: Adaptation of Consumer Preferences and Market Context. Then Seppic Asia introduced a soothing dermo-cosmetic active from Centella Asiatica, whereas Seppic Asia profiled personalised beauty prescriptions that provide benefits for new skincare formulations. Finally, Lipotrue dived into the microbiome designed to unlock anti-ageing properties.

On Friday 19 June our attention switched to Natural Skincare. From charcoal to collagen, numerous products that are typically found in food have made their way into personal care products, offering a wide range of health benefits. Givaudan talked about melatonin release for healthier skin, then GlobalData highlighted the importance of health in self isolation. Completing the programme, Lubrizol discussed their innovative green-chemistry based holistic peptide.

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