Generational stages of beauty

Generational stages of beauty

In recent years, beauty innovations have started to take age into consideration to deliver the best benefits according to a user’s life cycle.

While consumers are looking for products that will prolong youth and combat ageing, brands are setting their sights on the grey population and starting to target them explicitly. Additionally, they are expanding the demographic groups to cater to the needs of all generations in order to look their best at any stage of life.

This approach has led to an interesting wave of product launches in the beauty space targeted at different demographic groups with varying claims in positioning, packaging and functional benefits. Attendees of in-cosmetics Asia are welcome to join Mintel in the Innovation Zone to see, touch and test the latest concepts designed for the various generations during the live product demonstrations.

Mintel will also deliver presentations in the Marketing Trends & Regulations Theatre on facial masks and the rise of indie brands. The facial mask category continues to see steady growth with innovations launching in new formats with new materials and ingredients. We are also seeing significant growth in the hair mask subcategory as consumers become increasingly concerned about damage caused by external factors like UV rays and pollution.

The impact that successful indie brands are having on the market will also be explored by Mintel, which will examine which ones are most affecting Asia’s beauty space.

Mintel will run demonstrations at the Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics Asia from Tuesday 31st October to Thursday 2nd November from 11-11.30am & 14.00 –14.30 each day. She will also present on facial masks on 1 November from 13-13.45pm in the same theatre.

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