DIY & customization – Market evolution from West & East – Video

DIY & customization – Market evolution from West & East –  Video

From customization to product hacking, from DIY kitchen beauty to fresh cosmetics, markets from all over the worlds are facing new customer’s expectations with new proposals.

From Asia to Occident, skincare, hair care and makeup are under complete revolution thanks to the new directions driven by the quest of minimum ingredients, skin feeding with super-foods but also millennial consumer’s interest for mixing, transforming and creating their own beauty approaches that they will finally share online.

Where are the markets moving to? How are the brands creating new products and new beauty approaches? What’s happening in East versus West ? What are the common points and differences?… Florence Bernardin from Information & Inspiration trend agency will present & decipher the key trends and latest launches from both sides of the world.

in-cosmetics Asia is the leading exhibition and conference in Asia Pacific for personal care ingredients – takes place in Bangkok, Thailand in October/November and is focused on personal care raw materials and manufacturing – more info at

Speaker is Florence Bernardin, Founder, Information & Inspiration more info at

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