The rise and differences in the latin american HPPC sector

There is a growing consumption of toiletries, fragrance and cosmetics (HPPC) in Latin America. The cosmetics sector has grown 324% in the region over the last decade, a rise second only to that in Eastern Europe, according to data from CASIC (The Latin American Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery Association).

Another indicator of growth is the region’s countries’ take-up of Brazilian exports. The ten nations consuming the most Brazilian-originated products of this sector are Latin American.

While Latin American countries share similar histories, climates and economies, their social backgrounds are different, something which impacts on their patterns of consumption.

In Peru, multipurpose products are in high demand

Euromonitor data shows Peru to be a big consumer of HPPC products. Increased purchasing in this area stems from Peru’s strong economic performance and the population’s tendency towards greater personal grooming.

Products gaining popularity in Peru are those offering more than one benefit, such as moisturizers containing skin-whitening ingredients, makeup, eyelash strengthening mascaras, anti-aging cream with sunscreen, sunscreens, shampoos for specific hair problems, particularly those for dandruff.

In Chile, premium products gain ground

In Chile, products with a higher aggregated value for consumers (premium products) are gaining ground. Another differential for Chile is that the male population is concerned with eliminating shiny skin. Also in this sector, bath and shower products, makeup, perfume, sunscreens and male skin care items deserve highlighting.

That women are contributing to the family income, the increased online sales and the desire to obtain quality in consuming are some factors explaining the growth of Chile’s HPPC market.

Oral hygiene products are big sellers in Colombia

In Colombia, makeup, skin care products and sunscreens are the people’s favorite. Toothbrush sales have been boosted by a weighty media education program and the male population is making increasingly more purchases in this area.

Singletons are the ones who take more care over their appearance in using items especially for post-shaving skin rashes, and sunscreen. Surprisingly, men aged over 45 are unafraid of their friends’ censorious opinions and are great consumers of anti-aging products.

Mexico heavily into premium baby care products

In Mexico, the market segment is gaining ground in multipurpose products, premium child care products, depilatory products, segmented hair care products, sunscreens, oral hygiene products and male-orientated items.

As in other countries, Mexico is seeing an expansion of the middle class. In tandem, women are increasingly more likely to be focused solely on their careers, resulting in a lower birth rate. These factors impact on the spending of families with only one child, resulting in the consumption of higher-quality baby care products.

Their careers also impel women to seek options which are easy and quick to use. The most popular brands of depilation items answer this need, introducing new depilatory products to meet it. Some can be applied during the morning shower or remove hair in a shorter time. An example is those which claim to remove hair in only three minutes.

Mexican men across all age groups are also increasingly coming to care about their appearance. Their interest particularly involves items connected to hair loss, dandruff, teeth whitening and skin care.

The rise of the HPPC sector in Latin American countries is connected to several factors, such as the growth of the middle classes, women’s increasing autonomy, the increase in sales channels, products’ increasingly improving quality and design, the investment in advanced technologies and government education programs on the need for hygiene and health care.

In Latin America, men and adolescents are increasingly seeking out HPPC products

Along with female consumers, men are becoming active HPPC consumers and this growing section must be encouraged to use the items with greater frequency. In addition adolescents cannot be forgotten – they are increasingly concerned with their appearance and can increase the consumption of HPPC products once they are adults with access to income. The way to win over all audiences with a potential in this sector is to develop innovatory products which answer real needs and offer quality

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