The devil is in the detail

In the world of beauty, it is the details that make all the difference. When it comes to packaging, then, small improvements in the quality, in the detail of one element or finishing, a slightly different color: all this equals a great gain in the final look of a jar or wrapper, for example. This is possibly the next step needing to be taken by the beauty industry in Brazil and by those who supply its packaging, to raise the average standard of Brazilian products to quality levels that are on a par with those of developed countries. We have come a long way in the last twenty years, without a doubt. But this home straight – probably the most difficult and already overtaken in the main by the fragrance and active ingredients segments – needs to be traced by the suppliers of packaging.

The difficulty in improving details lies in the fact that generally speaking, details need more specialization, time and attention. And it must be said that what in Brazil is considered a detail has been considered a basic part of the Asian or European markets for some time now. The simpler and more popular the product, the harder it is to turn the jar over to see any mark remaining from the package manufacturing process.

They are a registered brand in hair and skin care products from small and medium-sized companies. And this in brands that are positioning themselves as premium. But can a product of a brand that is not alive to these details be considered premium? This comparison is valid for almost all other segments of packaging.

Eliminating these negative points and, beyond that, being able to incorporate in packaging the details that add value to the packaging, the brand, and to the business as a whole will demand investment in more modern equipment, more qualified labor, and, why not, in more international parties interested in getting in on the action. The competition with international companies seen at the end of the 1990s and beginning of the millennium made for a giant stride in the quality of local perfume and cosmetics packaging and made Brazil’s packaging suppliers strive to raise their quality standards. It was tough going, but worth it in the end.

It bears repeating: we have improved greatly. That said, we have to make an effort and invest a lot to get to this next stage and make it so local brands of different sizes enjoy the same resources as their international counterparts.

Aûani Cusma de Paula é o Editor da Revista Atualidade Cosmética.

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