Spring/Summer 2018 – A new Chromatic Grammar

Spring/Summer 2018 – A new Chromatic Grammar

Spring Summer 2018 emerges with A New Grammar, which challenges and rethinks standard classifications.

Why the change?

There is a mood of discontent and unrest in the air. We are in a period of shifting powers. Even as globalism and technology are bringing us closer together, there is a fresh backlash of protectionism, nationalism, and racism. Modern life is whirling at an accelerated speed. For some, this breeds fear and exclusion, while others embrace connectivity to the contemporary world. We face the season with a new perspective, ready to accept and redefine lifestyle shifts in a new grammar. Grammar is the basic building block for language, a system for structuring communications.

This is reflected in an audacious color palette this season, tailored to all moods and tastes, reflecting these polarizing times.
From the cool glamour of an 80’s inspired palette of dark purples, magentas and red, to the uplifting warmth of Spiritual Oranges, girlish Kawaii Brights, and cool Air & Sea hues. As for neutrals, they’re anything but boring. Picking up on the genderless attitude in the air, Urban Camo takes a khaki direction as muted browns and grays convey an edgy sobriety. It’s a season of bold statements – a questioning and reshaping of the basic fundamentals for our today’s new world.

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