Probiotic skincare technology – It’s not fake science

Probiotic skincare technology – It’s not fake science

By Allison Krebs-Bensch, CEO & Co-Founder of BeBe & Bella

The human body is essentially an ecosystem made up of trillions of tiny organisms that live in and on it.   A majority of these microbes can be found inside our large intestine as well as on our skin and in our mucus membranes. Similar to the large intestine, the skin and mucus membranes have resident microbes that protect us against bad bacteria, viruses, free radicals and other contaminants present in its environment.

Probiotics are defined as “live, friendly microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a healthy benefit for the host.” These ‘friendly bacteria’ help balance the digestive system and improve both skin and brain function. Probiotics naturally occur in the gut and their benefits differ between the genus, family and the varieties of bacteria.

Probiotics help reduce the “bad” bacteria in your gut. This ‘bad bacteria’ leads to an unbalanced system that can cause bowel and stomach issues which can then result in skin conditions including eczema, rosacea and acne. Taking probiotic supplements or eating foods rich in probiotics balances the pH and internal flora contributing to the relief of these conditions.

Continuing research and advancements in technology are uncovering the particulars of the skin’s microbiome and how the good bacteria and its bi-products interact with the skin’s structure and function.

International studies have shown that probiotics are easily absorbed into the skin through topical applications.  These topicals are highly beneficial for allowing the skin to retain moisture, increase cell regeneration and negate the ‘bad’ bacteria on the skin. Applying probiotics to the skin combined with taking probiotics orally provides a double whammy of skin benefits!

In simple terms, through the combination of supplementation and topical application, these microorganisms and their by-products help balance the ecosystem of the digestive tract and the skin. “Probiotic skincare technology – It’s not fake science.”

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