Perricone’s new serum, infant skincare, Givaudan’s stretch mark ingredient

Perricone’s new serum, infant skincare, Givaudan’s stretch mark ingredient

Sustainability efforts broaden in beauty and personal care with a new eco-ethical haircare acquisition and innovative biodegradable fragrance technology revealed. Hero ingredients are also prominent, with brands celebrating novel complexes and specific skincare formulations that tackle skin types and concerns.

In our bi-weekly cosmetics round-up, we delve into what’s been happening in the world of beauty and personal care.

Perricone releases potent new hyaluronic serum

Skincare and wellness brand Perricone unveils its latest product launch, a hydrating serum that uses an exclusive hyaluronic complex. Building on the brand’s High Potency Collection, Perricone has developed its High Potency Hyaluronic Intensive Hydrating Serum.

Perricone has designed its serum with quick absorption properties, replenishing moisture and nourishing the skin. Its new product aims to help achieve visibly smoother, firmer and plumper skin.

The brand’s latest product uses four forms and two natural building blocks of hyaluronic acid to support long-lasting hydration, produce a smoother and plumper-looking appearance and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Perricone utilizes a mix of molecular weights to achieve the complex, penetrating the skin at different levels.

In clinical testing of 35 women, Perricone found that 97% of participants reported improved skin hydration for 72 hours. In a consumer study of 109 women, 86% of respondents said they saw softened fine lines and wrinkles after 28 days, while 85% said their skin felt firmer and more supple.

“By introducing an exclusive complex with 4 forms and 2 natural building blocks of hyaluronic acid, we’re able to promote plumper skin from the outside-in and inside-out for maximum results,” said Robert Koerner, Chief Marketing Officer of Perricone.

Dabble Ducky launches infant skincare with hero ingredient

The creators of US-made children’s bath and body products, Dabble Dollop, have launched a line of infant and baby products, called Dabble Ducky. The new collection will include wash, balm and face and neck wipes specifically designed for infants.

With sensitive skin at the forefront of its development, Dabble Ducky is aimed at infant skin and those consumers with eczema-prone and dry or irritated skin.

Dabble Ducky uses its proprietary ingredient, Beta-Baby, a beta-glucan formulation that strives to nourish the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. The US brand’s new range works to help lower redness and irritation and soothe sensitive skin by centering its application on this layer of the skin.

Beta-glucan was specifically chosen for its soothing and protective capabilities. As Dabble Ducky reports that infant skin can be up to 30% thinner than child or adult skin, it formulated its products with its Beta-Baby beta-glucan ingredient to enhance short and long-term hydration and maintain the infant’s skin barrier.

“Having sold ingredients for over two decades, I know all too well that most brands load up their products with unnecessary fillers designed to appease marketers, not improve efficacy,” said Stephanie Leshney, Founder of Dabble Ducky. “Our focus was to support the delicate infant skin barrier while using a minimal number of components. We omitted fragrance, essential oils, and any other ingredient that did not directly improve our product’s function or safety.

Givaudan introduces its latest active ingredient for stretch marks

The cosmetic active ingredients arm of fragrance and beauty company, Givaudan, unveils its active ingredient, Centella CAST. Givaudan used green fractionation to take the medicinal plant Centella Asiatica and remodel it into its latest body care formulation.

Designed for use on stretch marks, the brand’s new ingredient acts on the mechanisms responsible for forming stretch marks on the skin. Centella CAST strives to tackle stretch marks on four varying levels by restoring skin elasticity, recovering skin density and firmness and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Due to the multiple mechanisms at work, Centella CAST can be applied all over the body to produce a firming, anti-sagging effect.

Clinical studies on Centella CAST found improvements to the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. From its research, Givaudan reveals that the application of Centella CAST led to improvements in skin microcirculation (162%), skin elasticity (62%), skin appearance (42%) and the epidermal thickness at the center of the stretch marks (39%).

“Skin damage in stretch marks is normally focused on the dermis, where we can observe disruption of the normal elastic fiber network, altered collagen fiber, loss of fiber organization and orientation, and erythema,” says Giada Maramaldi, Global Category Manager for Active Beauty at Givaudan. “As a result, the skin appears less firm and malleable, with stretch marks visible. Centella CAST efficiently counteracts these issues and helps skin regain elasticity and firmness.”

Iberchem unveils new biodegradable fragrance encapsulation technology

The global fragrance manufacturer, part of specialty chemicals company Croda, has launched its new biodegradable fragrance capsules, VerovaCaps.

Following several years of research and development, Iberchem announced on 3rd May 2022 that its biodegradable fragrance encapsulation technology was ready for market. While the technology has initially entered the fabric softener industry, the leading fragrance name will subsequently extend it to personal care products.

Iberchem conceptualized and solidified its biodegradable technology in adherence to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Readily Biodegradable standards. The intergovernmental body’s Readily Biodegradable standards set out that a product must be capable of more than 60% biodegradability in a 10-day window within a 28-day period, followed by further deterioration. As a mark of the fragrance brand’s latest sustainability investment, the technology also contains a minimum of 60% bio-based materials.

The fragrance technology department worked closely with the perfumers of Iberchem to present new biodegradable capsules that meet the customers’ expectations on both olfactory and performance levels,” said Michael White, Fragrance Technologies Director at Iberchem. “Our new Vernovacaps offer stable and robust fragrances that are not affected by the encapsulation process.

Wella acquires eco-ethical haircare brand, Briogeo

Global beauty conglomerate, Wella Company, has purchased independent US haircare name, Briogeo. The acquisition sees Wella pursue the fast-paced momentum of the haircare category and expand its sustainability efforts through its business portfolio.

Focusing on natural and clean haircare products that are environmentally friendly and ethical, Briogeo strives to offer haircare products for every hair type, texture and need. The brand highlights that its hair solutions are for every ethnicity, background and person.

The fast-growing brand has taken home the Allure Best of Beauty Award every year since 2018 and has seen its Founder and CEO, Nancy Twine, receive the Entrepreneur’s 100 Women of Impact in 2021 award, among others.

Wella Company now intends to propel Briogeo to the forefront of sustainable beauty while it centers its efforts on communicating its dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). The acquisition enables Wella to pursue its plans to bring more diverse products for all hair types and develop its conscious beauty offerings in the clean and green product spaces.

The Briogeo buy marks Wella Company’s first portfolio expansion as an independent entity. The duo aims to broaden its position in the sustainable beauty product arena, grow its premium retail footprint and focus on its brands’ commercial and social impact.

“Briogeo’s high-growth, eco-ethical and natural hair care products complement our existing hair portfolio and sustainable offerings and will fuel our growth momentum in the hair category, which is now the fastest-growing segment in beauty,” stated Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO of Wella Company.

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