Natural derivative of Olive Oil

Olive oil is composed of triglycerides with a high fatty oleic acid content, high squalene content and is high in phytosterols which help in the capturing of free radicals. It helps repair the balance of the hydrolipid film, preserving the skin’s softness and smoothness, preventing and combating dryness.

Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate is a PEG-free emulsion derived from olive oil for oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions. It is a functional self-emulsion system that forms a network of liquid crystals. 

The liquid crystals are organized like a multi-lamellar system. The organization of the liquid crystal’s lamellar bilayer mimics the intracellular lipid organization of the skin, maintaining its homeostasis. This is made possible as the liquid crystals are physiologically integrated into the surface-most layers of the stratum corneum, binding to the lipids already existing in the lipid matrix, leading to an equilibrium. 

It has a light, moisturizing effect, heightening the skin’s elasticity and providing more short- and long-term hydration, allowing the development of oil-free formulations. It can be considered a ‘delivery system’ in that it facilitates the carrying of several substances existing in the formula. It acts as an emulsion, one with multiple functions, reinforcing the thesis that every product demands a good, really functional base. 

A double-blind trial was held for 45 days with 10 volunteers aged 35-60, who applied the product to one side of their face twice a day. There was significant increased hydration of the skin in 15 days and an increased sensorial appreciation.

Author: Dr Marcelo Schulman working with Dr Patricia Andrei Saslavski

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