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São Paulo, July – Brazil currently represents 11% of the world Toiletries, Fragrance and Cosmetics market (HPPC) and, of all the products making up this panorama, hair care products are Brazilians’ favorites (22%). Constant mean growth in consumption of these items plus a heterogeneous population means there is no shortage of opportunities for a wide variety of products.

Research has shown that there are several markets for HPPC in Brazil. Mintel (the global market research company) study data  threw up some peculiarities, revealing that 69% of the population follows the same hair care routine in that it uses the same brand or type of product, believing this method works. However, 45% of the consumers in the three North-East capitals (Fortaleza, Salvador and Recife) and 36% of the Curitiba and Porto Alegre public believe hair looks better with regular switching of the type or brand of hair care product.

In terms of the end product of consumption, the research showed that 53% of those interviewed in the Center-West and 42% in the North used conditioning products. Products for normal hair were the preference of 36% of consumers in the Center-West, 31% in the North-East and 30% in the South-East. 
More volumizing creams are consumed in the Center-West and North-East (14% apiece). There was a heavier consumption of products for greasy hair in the Center-West (16%), followed by the South (13%), the South-East (11%), the North (9%) and the North-East (6%).

The disparity is also evident if we compare male and female consumers across the regions. Men prefer anti-dandruff products (43%), followed by products for normal hair (32%) and conditioning products (26%). Women use more conditioning products (43%), products for normal hair (28%) and hair repair products (28%). 75% use rinse-off conditioners, 39% leave-in conditioners, 33% use treatment products and 30% favor sculpting and fixing products.

What’s new in the sector

in-cosmetics is the most important international fair solely for the raw materials sector for toiletries, fragrance and cosmetics (HPPC) products and will take place for the first time in Brazil 09 – 10 September at São Paulo’s World Trade Center, with new hair care products, among others, to be launched at the fair. From anti-dandruff treatments to conditioners to hair makeup, national and international companies are gearing up to announce their latest offerings in this segment.

These include:

Química Anastácio, Brazil: Piroctone Olamina slows the growth of substances that irritate the scalp and that are the external factors in the formation of dandruff. 
Properties: it has a wide in vitro anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity that is not influenced by the raw cosmetics materials. It is widely used as an anti-dandruff and anti-seborrhoeic agent.

Solabia, Brazil: Biotechnological launches and products of Brazilian biodiversity, new alternatives in the cosmetics market for hair and skin treatment.

Javenech, France: Type V Collagen for moisturizing, increased skin tone and elasticity, skin tonus and hair growth.

Trik, USA: Fision KeraVeg18 is a consistent solution with wheat and soya amino acids and complementary pure amino acids. This product increases the resistance and elasticity of both Caucasian and African hair to avoid split hairs and can be used in any hair treatment formulation, offering a more natural product. In addition, Fision KeraVeg18 helps protect hair against severe beauty salon treatments, leaving it easier to brush and cuts down the damage caused by using too much force. Finally, Fision KeraVeg18 increases antioxidant protection and can help in the fight against oxidant damage to the hair or scalp.

Sensient, Brazil: Unicert® Violet K7025-J – D & C violeta 2 / Ácido Violeta 43 – A colorant of high solubility and performance for semi-permanent or temporary hair coloring and for use in personal hygiene products and skin care.

Dowcorning, Brasil: Dow Corning® CE-1874 Microemulsion – A transparent water-soluble liquid which allows manufacturers of shampoos and conditioners to offer final products that help promote the repair of damaged and opaque hair, the color protection of dyed hair and greater volume, mainly in fine and tired-looking hair.

Cosmotec, Brazil: FC0414: Hair Chalk Orquídea – Makeup for hair, with a chalk effect. The temporary wash-out colorant colors hair in a practical, rapid way with great hair adherence. This Cosmotec® product comes in six colors, with the standout Orquídea, inspired by Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s color of the year.

The fair has been completely sold out three months prior to opening and has 150 exhibitors from over 20 countries, and expects to receive around 2,000 visitors from various Latin American regions. 

More about in-cosmetics – The event is a business leader in personal care ingredients and has been held for over 20 years. It has already been held in Europe and Asia and this year marks its first time in Latin America. In recognition of its leading educational content, the European version of the event hosts around 600 exhibitors and about 10,000 visitors. in-cosmetics Brasil is supported by the main Brazilian players in the sector, which promotes networking among professionals in the area.

This is all just a taster of what’s happening at this year’s in-cosmetics Brasil. Registration is now live!Click here to register to attend in-cosmetics Brasil for free.

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