Habits and trends in the suncare retail market in Brazil

Habits and trends in the suncare retail market in Brazil

By Silvia Lourenço

A Mintel’s survey carried out in December 2016 reveals that 33% of the interviewed people use suncare products every day, including during the winter, however, 35% of them said they often forget to apply them. Although the suncare retail market is growing each day in Brazil, the suncare use is still seasonal and most people relate the need to protect their skin exclusively during sunny days or the summer.
The suncare retail market in Brazil (including sun protectors, self-tanning, and after sun products) is forecast to grow over the next years. In 2014 the market growth was 18.2% compared to the previous year whereas in 2015, with the country’s economic recession, the market dropped 1.9% when compared to 2014. In 2016, it grew back again and Mintel estimates that over the next 5 years (from 2017 to 2021), the market will grow at an average annual rate of 10% reaching 3,77 billion of Brazilian Reais in 2021.

Suncare retail market leading companies in Brazil
Three leaders have slightly more than 50% of the market share. Johnson & Johnson leads the suncare market in Brazil with a 38.1% share (registered in 2015). Beirsdorf AG ranks second with 11.7% of the market share (2015), and the L’Oréal Group ranks third with a 9.8% market share (2015).

The Brazilian consumer
According to the survey, 33% of the Brazilians interviewed use suncare throughout the year, including during the winter; 23% use it exclusively during the summer; 17% only on sunny days; 16% don’t use suncare products; 12% use suncare products in most seasons but not winter; 7% use suncare products when on Holiday.

Formats and benefits that attract the consumer the most
Suncare products in cream /lotion formats are usually associated with hydration (70%) and long lasting (58%).This texture is still the most frequently used by Brazilians. However, 38% of the Brazilians interviewed believe cream/lotion suncare products block the pores of the skin. Brands should try to develop products with the lightest texture possible, drawing attention on the packaging of the product to the benefits that go beyond protection against the sun’s rays, such as skin and sebum control, without blocking the pores, and so forth.

Researcher’s tips
Most of the Brazilians interviewd seek for suncare products with a long-lasting benefit. In addition, they also want products that are waterproof, prevent perspiration, and have rapid absorption formula. All these attributes reveal the global consumer trend of products that do not waste time. Suncare products that are easy to use and provide other benefits that go beyond sun protection (such as anti-stains, anti-aging and moisturizing) can appeal to Brazilian consumers.

Brand’s challenges
The survey reveals that part of the Brazilian population still considers suncare products to be directly linked to sun light exposure and the heat. The market still has a lot of room to expand, but the greatest challenge for the brands and industry is to explain the risks and harmful effects of the sun exposure and educate Brazilian consumers about the correct use of suncare products, not only during the summer, but also during colder seasons, even on cloudy days. Campaigns on the beaches of Brazil, not only in summer, but throughout the year, explaining the correct use of sun protection products could be an effective way to do that.


Article produced in September, 2017. Source: Mintel. Survey and research: “Suncare Brazil – December 2016”.

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