As K-Beauty continues to inspire many new product developments around the world, in-cosmetics Asia partnered with Kotra (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) to bring personal care manufacturers from across the world an online product showcase. We welcomed niche ingredient suppliers from Korea presenting insights on the hottest categories in the industry: Colour CosmeticsHaircareSkincare and Suncare.

The programme consisted of eight 30-minute long webinars. From scalp anti-ageing and hair restoration to skin microbiome balance and next generation ceramides, there was a session for everyone, and now you can watch them on-demand right here!

These presentations are the first part of an online learning series by in-cosmetics Asia. Part 2, K-Beauty Formulation Day, is also available on-demand right here. 

If you missed any of the K-Beauty Innovation Day sessions, have a look at all the topics explored below and start learning:

Tuning scalp anti-aging with skin autophagy and B-catenin signaling activators

Join this session for a product showcase exploring the health of the scalp, including restoration of skin barrier function, reduction of dandruff symptoms, alleviation of scalp inflammation, and reduction of hair loss.

Hairn and Antiagin – Hair restoration and anti-ageing tripeptides

This session is all about how tripeptides, when topically applied, can be permeated well into the skin, very safe with no side effects and very stable with no property change. Discover their properties live!

Further Understanding of Growth Factors and the Solution to its Stability Problem

Growth Factor (GF) is a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation and cell function. Due to its proven and well-known effect, numerous types of GFs are widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. This webinar will firstly discuss
different types of GFs and their role in skin/hair systems.

Keep natural beauty of the skin by improving skin microbiome balance

Let’s discuss one of 2020’s most important beauty keywords: ‘Microbiome’. Watch this product showcase for insights on skin health and how to keep it balanced, avoiding damage from harmful bacteria or the breakdown of the skin barrier.

Next Generation Ceramides

Discover a series of EcoCeramides, a mixture of ceramide NPs of diverse chain length, which resembles what is found in human skin barrier. EcoCeramide is a next generation ceramide which strengthen skin barrier in a way to mimic what is happening in human epidermis.

PhelloCure: Protect your skin from PM2.5

Join this session to find out more about an innovative diagnosing tool to monitor skin cells under PM2.5 insults, and what kind of changes they found out in molecular studies. Discover the beneficial effect of a traditional medicine as an innovative cosmetic active.

UV Cut Powder/CC Bead

Skin safety, liposomes technique, UV protection, colour change and much more on skin protection and beauty with this ingredient showcase for beauty and personal care products.

Encapsulation cosmetics

Learn about the sphere and pearls market trends and meet customer needs by exploring customization for skin product lines suitable for individual skins.

And there’s more! Check out the second part of this series, K-Beauty Formulation Day, and choose from even more sessions: 

  • Formulation of natural sunscreen and alcohol-free anti-bacterial mist
  • The influence of global K-beauty: How to make your skin more bright and clean?
  • Hair loss prevention and scalp restoration using natural ingredients