Missed the K-Beauty Formulation Day? Here’s your chance to catch up! 

The online event showcased a selection of the most innovative Korean ingredients in suncare, skincare, hair care and scalp care from BST,  Jeuncell and Macrocare. Each 30-minute session offered technical insights, formulation sheets and practical knowledge followed by a live Q&A and you can watch it all in your own time today! 

These presentations are part of an online learning series by in-cosmetics Asia that started with our K-Beauty Innovation Day, which is also available on-demand here

Make the most of this opportunity by choosing your sessions below: 

Formulation of natural sunscreen and alcohol-free anti-bacteria mist

Watch this webinar to learn our novel sunscreen formulation and anti-bacterial mist using edible natural cosmetic ingredients. BHC-S is a natural UV blocker mainly used in producing sunscreen products, which is especially effective in UVB protection. It’s a perfect alternative to organic agents of sunscreen products and the effect is very similar to octyl methoxycinnamate (synthetic UV blocker). Furthermore, WFEC 2.0 has great anti-inflammation and anti-virus effect and is mainly used for anti-bacterial mist. 

The influence of worldwide K-beauty: How to make your skin more bright and clean?

What ingredients make the product more competitive? – Lower price with more effectiveness. Why the technology is so important? – Bioconversion / Natural extracts / Synthesis. What function do your products need? – Whitening, Anti-inflammation, Anti-Wrinkle etc… Join this webinar to get all the answers. 

Hair loss prevention and scalp restoration using natural ingredients

In this webinar, we discuss Jeuncell’s unique hair treatment formulation made up of only natural ingredients that has been proven to treat hair loss and stimulate new growth without the side effects. We will also explore its mode of action and effectiveness on various scalp problems such as dandruff, oily scalp and enlarged pores from the initial application. 

And there’s more! Check out the first part of this series, K-Beauty Innovation Day, and choose from a variety of new sessions: 

  • Tuning scalp anti-aging with skin autophagy and B-catenin signaling activators
  • Hairn and Antiagin – Hair restoration and anti-ageing tripeptides
  • Further Understanding of Growth Factors and the Solution to its Stability Problem
  • Keep natural beauty of the skin by improving skin microbiome balance
  • Encapsulation cosmetics
  • And much more!

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