The science of innovation – Q&A with CORUM

The science of innovation –  Q&A with CORUM

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CORUM recently changed its slogan – what was the reason behind it?

This year CORUM has announced a new slogan, Inspire to Discover New Efficacy. We believe that, as a high-quality cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer, it is important for us to consistently make progress and innovate in the field of advanced science and robust research to upgrade and refine our capability. This is also reflected in our forward-thinking innovation, new efficacy reliability and green production, which are  essential parts of our company. We are devoted to sharing and spreading our philosophy through superior customer service with sustainable management. Recently, our company has been verified by Dun & Bradstreet and gained more visibility and trust from worldwide customers.

What products/application can we expect from CORUM in the future?

Recently, consumers’ awareness of healthy scalp has increased due to the negative impacts of air pollution, stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle. If the scalp is not well treated, the condition of the scalp may become sensitive, itchy, irritating, or even flaking, eventually leading to hair loss. Along with efficient cleansing, consumers are expecting the products to deliver multifunctional benefits and to be less time-consuming in order to tackle their scalp problems. To fulfil their needs, CORUM focuses on developing active ingredients to restore healthy scalp homeostasis, reinforce skin/scalp barrier function, and prevent dandruff formation.

You launched Epi-On™ last year. Can we expect more from this ingredient?

An advanced gene science research of NGS (next-generation sequencing) has identified the functions and real-time gene expression of our patented cosmetic ingredient Epi-On™ on damaged skin. Furthermore, the accelerating capability to recover from damaged and weakened skin during three skin repair stages is proved in various in-vitro tests, ex-vivo and in-vivo trials as well. In the first stage, Epi-On™ reduces inflammatory cytokines and reactive oxygen species (ROS) during skin inflammation phase. In the second stage, it stimulates the production of growth factors and promotes cell proliferation and migration to the damaged site in the proliferative phase. In the third stage of skin repairing, the ECM (extrcellular matrix) remodelling stage, Epi-On™ promotes epidermis formation as well as increases fibronectin and integrin beta-4 production to accelerate collagen fibers becoming regular and compact for skin recovery and is also clinically proved to prevent scar and hyperpigmentation formation. A clinical study of laser resurfacing treatment has demonstrated that Epi-On™ has an excellent ability to reduce inflammation and provide soothing and healing effects to immediately repair damages. Furthermore, subjects with sensitive skin further show an outstanding result of immediate soothing as well in clinical studies. This active ingredient is safe, stable, non-irritant, water-soluble and easy to formulate with all kinds of skincare products.

What trend can this new active ingredient be used in?

Half of the global female population has suffered from sensitization or perceive their skin as sensitive. Despite genetic reasons, the external factors such as improper facial treatments, excessive harsh cleaning regimes, exposure to sunlight and blue light and over-using inappropriate facial products also trigger skin irritation and exacerbate the symptoms of redness, itch, burning, and stinging, then generally lead to a weakened barrier function. Epi-On™ functions as an efficacious and non-irritating active ingredient, it can soothe unpleasant sensations and strengthen the skin barrier. Epi-On™ can be incorporated into post-procedure treatments and post-acne products to accelerate skin repair and restore a healthy skin barrier function.

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