From plant to plant extract – Q&A with Berkem

From plant to plant extract  – Q&A with Berkem

(Sponsored content) Interview with Helene Foliguet, Marketing Manager, Berkem

Berkem is renowned for its expertise in the fast-growing field of vegetal extraction – how do you see the trend developing?

Consumers are looking for products developed with 100% natural origins. Brands are increasing the amount of vegetal extract in their formulations to meet this shift in demand. Not only do these products have a low environmental impact, but the vegetal extraction process keeps the properties of the plants, leaving consumers with environmentally friendly products loaded with health and skin benefits.

What holistic anti-pollution claims of plants would you advise formulators to highlight?  

Pollution impacts the health of our skin and hair, so anti-pollution active ingredients must have the capacity to eliminate pollution particles that settle on the skin, scalp and hair. Effective anti-pollution ingredients should also regulate and calm inflammation to avoid rashes and itching. Too much pollution exposure can negatively impact on our well-being and mood, allowing formulators the opportunity to formulate products pleasant to smell and touch.

Can you tell us more about the benefits of the flowers rich in active molecules that you are focusing on?

Berkem has used their scientific and botanical expertise to develop three active ingredients based on French flowers; Provins rose, marshmallow and saffron.  Each raw material has been formulated to protect against external aggressions. Eye’light extract coming from Provins rose acts on dark circles, to reduce them, thanks to its composition in glycosylated flavonoids and ellagic acid. Hydro’feel, marshmallow extract rich in sugars and hydroxycinnamic acids, acts on the microbiota to come back to a moisture level. Sun’chronize, composed by saffron flowers, directly acts on photo and Chrono protection due to its composition in glycosylated flavonoids.

Tell us more about the anti-pollution benefits of URBAN’HAIR, your raspberry leaf extract ingredient.

Daily pollution exposure compromises the health of your skin and leaves hair feeling dull. Pollution particles drop on hair, impacting restorative properties and leaving it at increased risk of inflammation and scalp irritation.

Urban’hair is a new launched active sourced from French raspberry leaves. This sustainable active targets urban harm and protects from oxidative stress and scalp irritation. It removes pollution molecules fixed on hair and neutralizes heavy metals. After pollution exposure, the active brings back the shine leaving hair feeling good. Urban’hair can be used in various formulas for hair, scalp and beard at 1 to 3% recommended.

Discover the benefits of Urban’hair from Berkem.

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