Latest ingredient round-up: from Sephora’s green formulation labelling to Ashland’s healing oil and Tri-K’s hyaluronic acid

Latest ingredient round-up: from Sephora’s green formulation labelling to Ashland’s healing oil and Tri-K’s hyaluronic acid

Sephora launches green formulation labelling

Sephora is building on its reputation as a leading retailer of clean and natural beauty products with the launch of its new green formulation labelling initiative.

Titled the Good For programme, the initiative upholds safe formulation principals, as Good For You, together with Good For A Better Planet, Good For vegan and Good For Recycling as the main pillars for the seal.

Launched in Sephora stores and online portals worldwide, the initiative makes it easier for people to find products that have been formulated with a minimum of 90% natural ingredients, contain eco-friendly packaging, are cruelty-free and animal-free, as well as incorporating recyclable elements.

The company has kicked off the programme by including a number of skincare and colour cosmetics brands with the new Good For label, as a means of directing its customers towards safer, more ethical and eco-friendly products.

The new programme builds on the existing We Care For Good programme, which was introduced two years ago, with the aim of supporting responsible beauty and ensuring greater transparency for the composition of product available in Sephora outlets.


Ashland launches healing oil

Ashland has launched American Clary Sage essential oil, which the fine chemicals supplier says builds on the tradition of healing the skin using traditional botanical extracts.

American Clary Sage has the botanicals name Salvia scalrea grows in some areas of North America and Central Asia, but is sourced by Ashland from farmers in North Carolina.

The essential oil that it sources for the ingredient has been developed as part of field trials with the farmers to boost crop production quality, and ultimately to enhance the efficacy and quality of the clary sage.

During the two-step extraction process, the two main constituents – essential oil and sclareol – are derived and combined to produce Ashland’s finished products.

“Clary sage and its essential oils have been used for centuries by healers,” said Neil Astles, global marketing manager, Ashland.

“Scientific publications support the well-known traditional use for this essential oil for skin calming and anti-microbial activities, and it is still used today in aromatherapy for a variety of ailments.”

The American Clary Sage essential oil has a broad spectrum of application in a range of personal care products, and in particular skin care products, while also being viable for fine fragrances.

Tri-K debuts optimized hyaluronic acid, HyaClear 7

Tri-K Industries claims to have enhanced the efficacy and potential of hyaluronic acid for skincare products with its latest launch, HyaClear7.

The ingredient has been formulated with seven difference molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, to provide skin with two modes of action for what the company refers to as ‘superior moisturisation; both immediate and long-term’.

According to the company’s research, continued application of HyaClear 7 can help to stimulate skin in to producing more hyaluronic acid, which in turn helps to create deeper hydration and, ultimately, younger looking skin.

The secret behind the ingredient’s effectiveness is the individual molecular weights of the different types of hyaluronic, which the company says helps to optimise the hydration rate of the skin, regardless of age.

The ingredient is said to be compatible with a range of skin types, all ages, and can also be effective for products targeting any areas of the face and body.

BASF wins 2020 Safer Choice Partner award

BASF has won the 2020 Safer Choice Partner of the year award, for its extensive portfolio of products that are designed to be safer while including source reduction.

The Safer Choice program has been developed to help consumers and purchasers that perform while also being safer for human health and the environment.

The program chose 18 Safer Choice Partners for this year’s awards, which has been given renewed emphasis on account of the global pandemic that has upended many lives, businesses and the economy.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made the Safer Choice standards more relevant than ever,” said Daniele Piergentili, Vice President, Home and Personal Care, BASF North America.

“Consumers are looking for cleaning products that perform well while being safe. As a leader in sustainable ingredients for the Home & Personal Care industry, BASF provides a large portfolio of solutions that are effective and offer a strong biodegradability and sustainability profile.”

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