M.Biome-V bFGF from Medytox

Launched November 2019 by

Safe yeast cells are employed and modified to produce protein ingredients.

In M.Biome-V-bFGF, bFGF is encapsulated in yeast’s natural nano-capsules that make maximizes the activity of bFGF for skin rejuvenation.

Within M.Biome-V nano-capsules, bFGF showed more extended stability and advanced absorption into deep skin.


Name:M.Biome-V bFGF
INCI Name:Phosphate Buffered Saline (and) Pichia r-sh-oligopeptide-1 Ferment Extract Filtrate
Category:Active ingredient, Skincare – leave on
Product Type:Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle, Biological, Marine extracts, Bio-fermentation,

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