LipoFullerene®N from Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation

Launched March 2020 by

LipoFullerene®N is the world’s first ingredient with Plant-derived Fullerene and Olive squalane.

Fullerene is the super antioxidant ingredient with the features of:

  1. Strong
  2.  Long-lasting
  3. Stable against UV

Clinical tests are done with the efficacy on Aged spots, Wrinkle, Acne, Recover skin barrier, pore tightening, and even more.

Best solution for ”Anti-aging” and “Clean Beauty” concept.

  • 100% Plant-derived (Natural Index 1, *based on ISO16128)
  • High efficacy and Multi-Function
  • Environmental Friendly (Reduce the industrial waste by pouch containers)


INCI Name:Fullerenes, Squalane
Category:Active ingredient, Skincare – leave on
Product Type:Antioxidants, Radical scavengers, Anti-ageing, Anti-wrinkle

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