Latest ingredient round-up: from the most popular ingredients searches in 2020 to an Estee Lauder and BASF partnership

Latest ingredient round-up: from the most popular ingredients searches in 2020 to an Estee Lauder and BASF partnership

Top ten most searched ingredients of 2020

Beauty retailer Cult Beauty says it has revealed the ten ingredients for skincare enthusiasts in the UK.

The UK is one of the most vibrant, fast-paced and innovative beauty and personal care markets in the world, so the industry tends to pay extra notice to what consumers are looking for there.

The ingredients on the list demonstrate that consumers are looking for a combination of both scientifically advanced and natural ingredients for a broad range of applications.

So here goes with the list:

1. Vitamin C

So far in 2020 the most googled question with over a million hits was ‘what does vitamin C do for the skin?’. Consumers were searching this ingredient because of its known antioxidant properties and its skin brightening.

2. Retinol

‘What does retinol do to your face?’ was the question on people’s minds, wanting to know more about its anti-ageing properties.

3. Cast oil

‘Is castor oil good for the skin?’ was popular for individuals who wanted to determine if there was a connection between claims that it can boost eyebrow and eyelash growth, as well as helping with inflammation and breakouts.

4. Hyaluronic acid

‘What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid?’ was the question asked to determine that it is a leading skin hydration ingredient.

5. Squalene

‘What does squalene do?’ would have pointed the curious towards this ingredient’s moisturising, softening and antioxidant properties.

6. Salicylic acid

‘What is salicylic acid?’ would have determined that this is an oil-soluble molecule that helps to unclog pores and deal with skin outbreaks.

7. Benzoyl Peroxide

‘What does Benzoyl peroxide do?’ would have enlightened the curious about the ingredient’s ability to remove sebum and dead skin and help lessen skin outbreaks.

8. Witch hazel

‘What is witch hazel good for?’ would determine this plant extract’s astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.

9. Niacinamide

‘Is niacinamide good for acne?’ would again determine anti-inflammatory properties and a good tool to fight acne with.

10. Ceramides

The question ‘What are ceramides?’ would determine that this is a lipid molecule found natural in the skin and serves to plump ageing skin.

Codex Beauty offers patent for ingredients

The US-based company is offering the licensing for two of its ingredients, a skin care complex and a preservation system.

The BiaComplex patent relates to the Ecocert-approved complex that is said to offering soothing, calming, nourishing, hydrating and moisturising properties for the skin.

It comprises a mixture macerated oil infusions of Calendual officinalis, Helidchrysum italicum and Symphytum officinale that are all blended with water infusions of Viola tricolor and Althea officinalis to form a deeply nourishing and hydrating formula.

The ingredient combines all of these different plant extract to focus on skin hydration as well as retaining and locking in moisture to give an enhanced and healthier appearance.

The ingredient is currently used in Bia Skin Superfood product and will be incorporated into a new Bia Body collection, due to launch in 2021.

The patent for the PreservX preservation system relates to a novel preservative based on naturally derived ferment-, and salt-based ingredients, not typically used as antimicrobial agents.

However, the company says that in combination, the ingredients provide a superior broad-specturm preservation that can be used for products applied topically to the hair, skin and nails.

The company says it is open to licensing Perserv X to companies operating in the beauty space for skin, hair and personal care products.

BASF partners with Estée Lauder support Indonesia palm farmers

BASF and Estée Lauder have partnered with Solidaridad Network to provide Covid-19 hygiene kits to more than 1,000 smallholder farmers in the Way Kanan District in Lampung, Indonesia.

The farmers produce sustainable palm oil that is supplied to both BASF and Estée Lauder and the companies decided to take the initiative to show solidarity with their supply partners.

The Covid-19 kits were given out to around 3,00 people, providing hand sanitizer, face masks, soap and an information leaflet, which were delivered via drop-off points and by going door-to-door to farmers’ properties.

The help also included informative banners detailing Covid-19 prevention measures, which were placed in seven sub-districts.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down for a lot of people around the globe,” said Daniele Piergentili, Vice President, Home and Personal Care at BASF in North America.

“Aside from donating hand sanitizing gel globally, we supported the community of Indonesian smallholder farmers to help ensure their health and safety. We are grateful to our partners The Estée Lauder Companies and Solidaridad Network for this collaboration.”

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