in-cosmetics Virtual ‘Technical Seminars’ available on-demand

in-cosmetics Virtual ‘Technical Seminars’ available on-demand

Didn’t get a chance to watch the Technical Seminars at in-cosmetics Virtual?

We’ve got you covered! You can now find them on-demand, right here.

So, what is discussed in a Technical Seminar? They are a variety of presentations, hosted by our in-cosmetics Virtual exhibitors, delivering an overview of key personal care ingredients; from understanding the benefits they provide to sharing scientific evidence that substantiates the claims associated with their products.

Seminars available:

Aprinnova presents: Go Circular! The new plant-based silica for color cosmetics

Greentech presents: Pollution-proof your hair & skin

Infinitec Activos presents: Meet the game-changer in skin-mitochondria therapy

Jojoba Desert presents: Innovative, sustainable practices for formulating natural oils

Lipotrue presents: Biohacking chronic bad sleep

Molinos Asociados presents: 100% Vegetable and Organic Texturizing Agent Alternative

Nagase presents: Boost skin wellness naturally by enhancing elasticity

Perfectus Biomed presents: Biofilms in personal care – Skin microbiome modelling

Provital presents: Growing health-consciousness boosts the need for self-care

Roelmi HPC presents: Go beyond microplastics … No more excuses

Schülke & Mayr presents: Natural product protection with a plus

Sharon Laboratories presents: Preservation for facial care & sensitive skin

Taiyo Kagaku presents: The boundless potential of performance-wise PGFEs

Interested in ingredients? Take a look at our latest ‘Ingredient round-up’ with Simon Pitman.

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