Is the personal care ingredients market lined up for recovery?

Is the personal care ingredients market lined up for recovery?

Over the next five year period to 2026 the market for personal care ingredients is set to increase in value by 5.4% CAGR, suggesting that a longer-term recovery is on the cards following a difficult 2020.

The forecast comes from market intelligence provider Global Market Insights, and its experts believe that it will be hair care that will be one of the biggest driving forces behind the increase. 

Demand for hair care ingredients will be driven by the growth of hair salon services together with the growth of hair grooming habits among men.

The haircare market is also likely to see a spike in new product development for products that address very specific hair care issues, with products for greying hair, dandruff and hair loss likely to be popular. 

On top of this there will also be a rise in the number of hair care formulations being developed using natural ingredients, underlined by the brand Mamaearth launching a new line of natural hair care products that includes an onion shampoo for hair regrowth. 

On a regional basis, the market research group predicts that Asia Pacific will account for a strong proportion of the global market growth with rapid urbanisation contributing to increased demand that is likely to push the region’s personal care market beyond the $4 billion mark by 2024.

With respect to specific ingredients, the research suggests surfactants will continue to be in increasing demand as emulsifiers, foaming agents, cleansing and anti-microbial properties, while multifunctional solutions will also continue to thrive to meet the need for products that meet busy work schedules. 

Frost & Sullivan recognises Mibelle Biochemistry for active ingredients

Frost & Sullivan has recognised the achievement of Switzerland-based Mibelle Biochemistry as an exemplary provider of active ingredient solutions. 

The acknowledgement comes as part of Frost & Sullivan’s comprehensive assessment of the personal care active ingredients market, and results in Mibelle Biochemistry being awarded with 2020 Global Company of the Year Award. 

According to the judging panel, the award was given on the back of Mibelle’s introduction of several breakthrough sustainability active ingredients on to the global market, underscored by comprehensive clinical trialling. 

Mibelle has carved an international name for itself in the area of senolytics, which are used to delay skin ageing in cosmetic applications.

“Demonstrating its expertise in recognizing the dynamic needs of the cosmetics industry, Mibelle launched the Alpine Rose Active line of products to fight skin ageing,” said Prateeksha Kaul Research Analyst. 

“This line of products uses a natural senolytic agent extracted from the Alpine rose leaves in the Swiss Alps to eliminate senescent cells, which are the cells responsible for ageing, without affecting the neighbouring cells.” 

Ultra Chemical buys ingredient supplier

In the US UltraChemical has acquired the full business operations of Baltimore-based K3 Corporation, a leading supplier of active ingredients for skincare.

Back in 2005 the two companies forged a partnership in active ingredients, with UltraChemical serving as a distributor for K3’s line of products through the United States. 

The acquisition of the business is the evolution of the partnership and was completed on December 1st of this year

According to the companies, the acquisition will be mutually beneficial as the shift in ownership will serve to create closer ties to the suppliers. 

Likewise, the acquisition will also give a boost to the K3’s innovation pipeline, enabling it to focus on launching a raft of new personal care ingredients throughout 2021. 

“The K3 product line has always complemented the Ultra catalogue of scientifically proven, high-quality ingredients” stated Jim Lynch, VP of worldwide sales at Ultra Chemical. 

“We see the value in the technologies and wanted to bring it in house, providing us the opportunity to increase sales reach and grow the portfolio.”

Jarchem launches two new ingredients

Jarchem has launched two new ingredient solutions that is says will help expand the capabilities and development potential for formulators. 

The first solution is Jarplex M20, an ingredient that is said to hold many functions and capabilities. It is a transparent water-soluble liquid derived from 100% vegetable-based raw materials that is said to boost skin conditioning performance. 

It is said to be gentle and mild, while offering high moisturisation properties, together with a generous lather that boosts cleansing efficacy that is suitable for a range of products, including clear shampoo, hair oils, creams micellar water, makeup removing cleansers and face and body wash. 

The other new launch is Sucranov Micro, a solution that improves hair conditioning properties when combined with cationic polymers by creating a gel phase during application. 

This functionality means that it creates a stronger gel phase that results in better conditioning because use levels are increased. 

The Jarchem team says it can be added to shampoos to improve wet-combing and detangling, while also serving to increase formulation stability for naturally-based shampoos. 

The ingredient would be suited to a range of formulations, including clear silicone-free shampoo, body and face wash, liquid soaps, wipes and creams.

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