From brand identity to a new ingredient app

From brand identity to a new ingredient app

Want to stay in the know when it comes to cosmetic ingredients? Delve into our bi-weekly round-up of the latest ingredients news and what that might mean for the industry.

FEBEA launches CLAIRE App for cosmetic ingredient assessment

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In France, the Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) has launched a new app that provides essential information on 25,000 ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products. Aimed primarily at cosmetic and personal care industry professionals, such as sales advisors, CLAIRE has been developed alongside the French Society of Cosmetology (SFC), it also targets consumers wanting to make more informed choices.

According to the developers, the new app is differentiated from other ingredient apps on the market for two reasons:

  • it can be used to search both individual ingredients
  • it can scan a finished product’s ingredient list

The first function allows an individual to type in the first letter of the ingredient they want to know about and then the search function will throw up all the possibilities in the 25,000 ingredient list. The database will then alert the user if there are any concerns about the ingredient or not, as well as providing basic information about its function, origin and toxicological data.

The second function allows a product’s ingredient list to be scanned from the label on the packaging, allowing individuals to know about the exact composition of the formulation, which is not the case with similar apps that scan the barcode.

The developers say that the ability to scan the actual ingredients list means that the information is more up-to-date and accurate. It also does not take the approach of some of the other consumer-focused apps by grading formulations according to whether they are simply ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Instead, the approach has been taken because this kind of classification does not have a scientific basis.

Cosphatec secures Natrue approval for raw materials

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Cosphatec, a leading provider of natural preservatives for the cosmetics industry, says it has secured Natrue standards for its raw materials. The company says that the addition of the seal means that the raw material it uses are now labelled with Natrue logo, underlining its commitment to natural and sustainable raw materials.

The Natrue seal brings several advantages to Cosphatec customers, not least that manufacturers will no longer have to have raw materials used in their products separately tested in order to conform with various certification standards. Likewise, the Cosphatec team also points out that raw ingredients approved by Natrue are easier to select, ultimately making it easier to submit the end product for certification assessment, serving to make it more consumer-friendly and accelerating the sometimes slow certification process.

Cosphatec’s raw materials that have now been Natrue certified include Cosphaderma Magnolia Extract 98 and Cosphaderm Sodium LAAS on the natural multifunctional side, together with its Cosphagaard SA natural preservative blend.  

IFF unveils new brand identity

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Leading flavours, fragrance and ingredients provider IFF has confirmed its strategic rebranding following its merger with the DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences business. According to the company, the transformation aims to reinforce its leadership in the global supply chain for consumer goods and commercial products.

Company executives have confirmed that upon full competition of the merger, IFF will be shifting towards an emphasis on a more consumer-centric approach and a commitment to execution that will platform the company’s R&D and innovation capabilities that will encompass its global business reach.

The new identity includes a tagline – Where science and creativity meet – which the company says underlines its longstanding focus between artistry and science to deliver differentiated but integrated solutions. The rebranding also including a company purpose – Applying science and creativity for a better world –  which the company says will continue to guide its strong commitments to sustainability. Looking to the future, the company says that its vision will be to – Be the partner to essential solutions – reflecting its commitment to maintaining its position as a leader in the global value chain for consumer and commercial goods.

“Critical to our success is our ability to foster an execution culture and embed values that support our promises to our people, customers, consumers and our communities,” said Andreas Fibig, IFF Chairman and CEO.

“To that end, we have updated our cultural principles to ensure we have the foundation in place to empower our people to deliver on our commitments.”

Inolex bags new patent for preservation technology

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US ingredients provider Inolex has been granted a new patent for a preservation technology comprising caprylhydroxamic acid (CHA) that is said to provide a viable alternative to a variety of formulated products. According to the patent record, the technology claims to have applications for ingredient compositions in formulations as well as blends, comprising the CHA-diol compositions for cosmetics and personal care.

CHA is a natural and readily biodegradable chelating agent derived from coconut-sourced caprylic acid, being a biostatic ingredient that allows strong microbial growth across a wide pH range. This in turn provides broad-spectrum protection against contamination by bacteria, yeast, and mould through a combination of CHA with medium-chain terminal diols, such as caprylyl glycol and glyceryl caprylate.

“We have been advancing the industry with innovative preservation approaches for over two decades,” said David Plimpton, CEO and President of Inolex.

“This latest patent demonstrates our leadership in this category. Our broad portfolio of CHA offerings exemplifies our drive to bring effective alternative preservation mainstream.”

This patent underscores Inolex’s commitment to innovation in the field of safe, effective and sustainable preservations systems, and builds on the fact that the Cosmetics Ingredients Review released a report on CHA in October 2020, where it was recognised as safe in the present practices of industry. 

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