Driving sustainability with conscious fragrance creation

Driving sustainability with conscious fragrance creation

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Givaudan launches nature conscious fragrance creation

Fragrance giant Givaudan has launched its Naturality Index, which aims to support nature conscious fragrance creation that meets increasingly high sustainability goals. The move is in line with the company’s commitment to increase its own sustainability initiatives and become a leading in sustainable fragrances, tying in with its purpose goal to “show our love for nature in everything we do”.

The Index is said to be a unique tool that enables perfumers to factor in the environmental impact of their ingredient selection, in turn helping to bring new differentiation to the fragrance creation process. What makes the tool stand out is the fact that it assesses fragrance ingredients according to a range of sustainability measures, including renewability, biodegradability and sourcing.

The Index is built around four pillars:

  • Environmental Positive Impact
  • Ingredient Origin
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Responsible Sourcing

These pillars were created to help Givaudan’s clients meet their long-time sustainability goals on fragrance creation while tapping into one of the biggest trends in the industry, which is to find natural-based fragrances that are also sustainable.

“With consumers increasingly looking for creative yet sustainable fragrances, our Naturality Index is an invaluable tool to deliver nature-conscious fragrance creation,” said Maurizio Volpi, president of Givaudan fragrance and beauty.

It provides our perfumers with a new dimension to aid the creative process, and offers our customers a solid and unique sustainability measurement of their olfactive solutions”.

The Naturality Index feeds into Givaudan’s Naturality Platform, which has been designed to utilize a palette of ingredients based on nature while incorporating sustainability and a positive impact on consumers.

Sozio acquires Phoenix fragrances and Scentessence

French fragrance house Sozio has expanded its footing in the international market with the acquisition of Phoenix Fragrances and Scentessence.

Phoenix Fragrances is based in Wellingborough, UK, and has developed an expertise in natural fragrances that Sozio is hoping to build on while also expanding its geographical reach into this important market. Sozio executives believe the acquisition is both complimentary to its existing business, while also serving to give a significant boost to its future development efforts.

 “Phoenix Fragrances integration fits in perfectly with our strategic plan and confirms our determination to accelerate our growth on the UK market,” said Frederic Braud, General Manager of Sozio.

“We will also expand our activities in the natural perfumery market and reduce our costs through various synergies in purchasing and IT activities.  We will boost investment in Phoenix’s R&D laboratories and Production site to help the company to sustain its growth.”

Sozio has also said that because of the strength of the Phoenix Fragrance brand, the company will continue to do business under that name. The company has also announced the acquisition of another France-based fragrance manufacturer Scentessence, which was founded in Brittany in 2003. While they have expertise in the natural fragrance market, it is also focused on providing fragrance for industrial and institutional markets, as well as cleaning products.

“The acquisition of Scentessence is going to strengthen our presence in France in the cleaning market and enhance our natural fragrance expertise, which has been a focus for Sozio for several years. Moreover, we are sharing common key values, putting our customers in the center of our attention.” said Braud.

Yooma acquires cannabis maker Socati

Canada-based Yooma Wellness has announced the acquisition of Socati Corp, a provider of cannabinoid ingredients and associated consumer products, with a focus on skincare. The deal to buy the US business was said to come with a price tag of $25 billion and will give Yooma a significantly increased product portfolio, as well as a geographical footing in the vast United States market.

Yooma is also building on the recent acquisition of UK and European-facing consumer brands that include Hello Joya, What The Hemp and Blossom, while its operations in Asia touch on CBD, hemp, skincare and beauty, thanks to a cross border e-commerce platform that includes China.

The company says that the scope and geographic reach of its business portfolio now offers it significant advantages over competitors because it has a platform that is ready for further organic growth as well as more business acquisitions, should they arise.

“Socati’s unique ability to deliver consistent cannabinoid ingredients and finished products that meet industry-leading quality standards makes Socati a natural fit for Yooma,” said Lorne Abony, Chairman of Yooma. 

“The Socati acquisition further expands Yooma’s global footprint by adding Socati’s customer base which includes some of the largest consumer brands in the CBD and wellness space across North America.”

Currently Socati operates out of a 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Montana, where it makes CBD and minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN, together with other functional ingredients.

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