Microbiota restoration after UV exposure and a new solution for oral care (preBIULIN ORAL): A Q&A with Gobiotics Ingredients

Microbiota restoration after UV exposure and a new solution for oral care (preBIULIN ORAL): A Q&A with Gobiotics Ingredients

Suncare will always be a hot topic in the world of personal care, and in this fascinating interview with Gobiotics, we learn more about the recovery of the skin’s microbiota after UV exposure, as well as how to help protect the natural protector of the skin. We also discuss PreBIULIN ORAL, Gobiotics’ new active ingredient for healthy teeth and oral hygiene.

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1. We all know that sun exposure causes damage to our skin, but how exactly does UV affect our skin’s microbiota?

UV light destroys the cell wall of all microorganisms. Their plasma leaks out of their body, which weakens them and even leads to cell death. You could say that the microbes bleed to death in the sun. Also, their mitochondrion, which provides them with energy is disrupted. Their essential proteins peroxides which lead to malfunction of the cell. But the worst is that the DNA is damaged, and the skin microbiota mutates. In other words, the skin microbiota is in serious trouble and so is the skin

2. You’ve recently conducted tests surrounding microbiota restoration after UV exposure, can you tell us more about that and what have you discovered?

We studied the evolution of the skin microbiota under different sun exposures. The tests we conducted started in 2018 and will be finalized this summer. However, we’ve already uncovered some interesting discoveries. To our surprise, we observed that the skin microbiota dies completely in less than 15 minutes of sun exposure – leaving the skin extremely vulnerable.

Using a sunscreen of SPF 30 could not protect the skin microbiota either. We were hoping that the use of preBIULIN AGA, our super prebiotic based on Agave inulin, could help but unfortunately, UV light is just too lethal. PreBIULIN AGA could not protect the skin microbiota, but it was able to make a significant difference in its recovery.

Without the use of preBIULIN AGA, the skin microbiota did not recover – even after 4 hours after sun exposure. What’s worse, the skin was seriously invaded with fungi and bacteria from the environment (microorganisms which do not protect the skin but, on the contrary, will exhaust it).

When preBIULIN AGA was used, the skin microbiota was mostly recovered, and the skin was shielded once again from the invasion of opportunistic microbes from the environment. With preBIULIN AGA, our well trusted microbiota was back on track and the skin was happy again.

3. What does this latest discovery mean for sun-care products and how should formulators and manufacturers adapt to this information?

At this moment sun care is solely focused on protecting the skin, but we have no tools to protect the protector of the skin: the skin microbiota. Our discoveries shed extra light on sun protection. The fact that the skin becomes dry and ages faster after sun exposure is also due to the disappearance of the skin microbiota. Let’s not forget that the skin microbiota produces powerful antioxidants that slow down skin ageing, reduces stress by regulating our inflammation process and finally the skin microbiota hydrates the skin.

When the skin microbiota dies, the skin ages faster, becomes more sensitive and becomes drier. Supporting the skin microbiota during and after sun exposure is essential. By adding just 1% preBIULIN AGA in sunscreens, after sun, day cream or night cream, the skin can be easily supported. It’s a simple formulaic modification, but it’s a game-changer for sun care. By adding preBIULIN AGA, you’re incorporating a Sun Recovery Factor (SRF) to your product.

Part two:

4. PreBIULIN ORAL is Gobiotics’ new active ingredient for healthy teeth. In what ways do natural ingredients elevate oral care?

Classic oral care products are based on killing and inhibiting bad bacteria that causes cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, and gum diseases. Alcohol, essential oils and cetylpyridinium chloride are the favourite synthetic tools to kill, and fluorine to inhibit. The issue is that oral microbiota protects us and supports the health of the entire body beyond our imagination. Here is just a short list of the beneficial properties of a balanced oral microbiota:

  • Reduction of bacteria that causes caries, tooth decay, sensitive gums
  • Supports the gut microbiota
  • Regulates our blood pressure
  • Protects us from throat pain, lung infections

The most resourceful and most powerful protector of the teeth/gum/breath and our entire body actually lives on the tongue and is called Streptococcus salivarius. PreBIULIN ORAL, is a natural prebiotic which, rather than killing the protective microbiome, reboots the oral microbiota super-fast and very efficiently.

5. In what ways does PreBIULIN ORAL offer transformative benefits to oral health and hygiene and in what ways can formulators incorporate this unique ingredient?

With PreBIULIN, formulators now have an ingredient that supports the oral microbiome. Standard Inulins do not offer sufficient support for the oral microbiome. preBIULIN ORAL has a different structure. The results obtained with preBIULIN ORAL are so impressive that we decided to patent.

Bad breath bacteria live on the tongue and brushing your teeth 10 times a day will not reduce it. Neither does rinsing the mouth with alcohol, as all this does is kill the natural regulator of the bad breath bacteria, which further perpetuates the issue. PreBIULIN ORAL is like a best friend to Streptococcus salivarius, as it also lives on the tongue. Together, they flourish and start to fight bad breath bacteria. We are so excited about PreBIULIN ORAL because of how efficiently it eliminates bad breath.

We also investigated what happens when you consume a high number of soft drinks and sugary food. Time after time, preBIULIN ORAL was able to restore the complete oral microbiota with just one rinse of the mouth or one round of teeth brushing. Formulators only need to add minimum 3.3% preBIULIN ORAL to mouth washes or toothpaste. The product is easy to incorporate and extremely stable.

As a lovely bonus, preBIULIN ORAL is also a low-calorie sweetener that will improve the taste of whatever products it’s added to.

You can look forward to seeing Gobiotics at in-cosmetics Global this year, or you can contact them directly with any queries.

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