Cosmetic trend predictions 2024

Cosmetic trend predictions 2024

As we set our sights on 2024, what cosmetic trends will continue to grow, and what new trends can we expect for the personal care industry? With so much in store, let’s delve straight in…

Current trends that will continue to grow

Undoubtedly, the biggest trend that will become a must for cosmetic brands to embrace in 2024 is true sustainability: make your cosmetic sustainability message transparent, with strong evidence and claims, and consider the whole of the supply chain. We have seen the consumer call for sustainable approaches across all industries in recent years; in 2024 it will become essential. Cosmetic brands simply must have sustainability statements and an eco-score, so start working on this now.

Scalp care will continue to be a strong player in the haircare sector. If your brand features haircare, then at least one or two scalp care serums, to support nourishing the hair from the root, will be an integral addition to your range. There are loads of active ingredients with outstanding efficacy data; consider adding scalp serums to combat dandruff, reduce the number of grey hairs, or reduce hair loss and boost volume.

Actives that support and balance the microbiome will continue to grow in number and choice; much like a healthy microbiome should! You can now get prebiotics to support a healthy microbiome for anti-acne, anti-ageing and even sensitive skin. Speak with your supplier and add a microbiome-focused cosmetic product to your existing range to keep up with this growing trend.

Another trend we’ve seen grow rapidly in recent years that is set to grow even further in 2024 is wholistic and conscious living. The continued popularity in health and food sectors means health, wellbeing and a wholistic approach to skincare will feature heavily in 2024 cosmetic product launches. This is mirrored by sustainable choices and includes vegan friendly cosmetic formulas for the skin and the hair.

Newer trends that will feature big in 2024

The science behind skincare has always been important – particularly with luxury or higher priced skincare offerings. While buzzwords such as peptides and vegan-friendly protein sources will continue to be popular, we’ll see newer science led technologies such as combating cell senescence, stem cells and epigenetics become featured more regularly. As part of this focus on skin science, and whilst embracing the needs of a globally ageing population, we will also see more non-surgical and injectable replacement cosmetic products get launched for anti-ageing solutions.

Biotechnology and biofermentation based actives will really come into their own in 2024. These approaches to create clinically proven actives not only yield naturally derived ingredients with low carbon footprints and waste (and therefore strong sustainability messages), they also support the science behind skincare validation consumers look for, and of course, yield great results. Need I say more? Speak with your suppliers about their biotechnology or fermented cosmetic ingredients to see which will feature best in your upcoming cosmetic formulas and developments.

The haircare sector will continue to expand. We’ve seen loads of launches in 2023 with a greater range of products to suit individual hair needs, and we’ll see even more offerings in 2024, with a strong focus on using plant based, vegan-friendly proteins and keratins. In 2024, the focus will move from simply styling to daily use repair haircare formulas, and we’ll see innovative product forms be launched into the haircare sector as part of this expansion in 2024.

An interesting area to watch is how brands will meet the demand for individual customisation, while at the same time, addressing consumer desires for greater inclusivity. While customisation to suit specific preferences has featured and grown heavily in recent years, we’ve now seen a strong shift toward inclusivity. Clever brands that can encompass both the inclusive approach (think: neutral packaging, aromas, marketing and generalised needs of a product category) with customisation (consider: clever dispensing methods of additional actives, sensory or colourants) will really get noticed in 2024.

Regulations such as the Modernisation of Cosmetic Regulation Act in USA (MoCRA) will impact cosmetic brands who are not prepared – especially those indie brands who aren’t properly equipped or not sure how the rules will apply to them. We’ll see an increasing focus on product safety from cosmetic regulators, and how this can be assured, which helps to not only protect consumers, but also helps reduce misleading and deceptive ‘scare tactics about otherwise perfectly safe cosmetic ingredients.

To boost ‘waterless’ claims where bars have not quite gained the desired consumer traction, in 2024 we’ll see ‘waterless’ product launches such as powders and concentrated formulas that can be conveniently mixed with water on application. We’ll see launches in the waterless category using these innovative application methods for both leave on and wash off skin and haircare products, as this reduces the carbon footprint of shipping water, supports the water conservation message, and of course, resonates with sustainability and the conscious consumer.

In recent years we’ve seen cosmetic brands rise to the call for selfie-ready instant effect skincare and makeup – but in 2024 this will expand into the haircare sector with instant effect haircare launches. We’ll see easy application products to smooth the hair, enhance its shine, help protect and even control it, all with an emphasis on ‘instant’ results.

Last but by no means least, we’ll see more innovative cosmetic packaging launches. In recent years we’ve seen growth in recyclable and upcycled material choices, but in 2024 we’ll see a big increase in the number of cosmetic product launches with clever refillable packaging options. Speak with your packaging suppliers now and watch this space, it’s bound to be one of the most exciting areas of growth in 2024 and beyond!

2024: A year to focus on innovative research and development

As you can see, there are loads of exciting trends your cosmetic brand can take advantage of in 2024. Just remember to get in early with those innovative ideas, speak with your suppliers, attend in-cosmetics trade shows to really build your network and spark your imagination, and then it’s over to you to bring these concepts to life.

Happy formulating!


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