The rise of moisturising claims in skincare

The rise of moisturising claims in skincare

The hybridisation trend has been on the up in recent years, with consumers looking for skincare products that provide multiple benefits.

Dermocosmetics has paired beauty and dermatology to promote and maintain the skin’s health. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, commonly known as cosmeceuticals, have also teamed up. These new partnerships are popular with Asia-Pacific audiences who seek cosmetics items that improve the skin’s appearance and have medicinal properties.

Consumers are demanding products that combine health and wellbeing to not only maximise the appearance of the skin but that strive to boost consumer confidence and beauty from within. Today’s cosmetics items combat common anti-ageing skincare concerns including wrinkles, folds in the skin and dark circles.

The natural and organic segment is increasingly popular too, as consumers look for beauty buys that are sensitive to the skin. Products that incorporate novel sources such as plants and herbs are on the up as health, safety and authenticity are key priorities for purchasers.

As the gap narrows between health, fitness and beauty, cosmetics brands are developing moisturisers that offer a convenient, easy-to-use, single application that soothes and protects the skin through physical activity throughout the day.

As the moisturising segment incorporates the anti-ageing, natural and organic and active beauty trends, formulators are now developing products that hydrate and rejuvenate the skin to overcome dryness.

By producing claims that relate to overcoming dryness, beauty names can appeal to all demographics and grab greater market share. As a result, we are now seeing brands that directly target millennials.

Beauty leader, Shiseido, for example, has released its new Waso skincare line that contains a range of innovative ingredients such as carrot, honey and jelly mushroom. The new range directly appeals to millennials through helping to overcome dryness and oiliness and ease visible pores.

Cosmetics Design Asia will sponsor the new moisturisers Product Trail at this year’s in-cosmetics Korea. Visitors can expect to see product formulations that aim to rehydrate, treat and soothe the skin.

 Natasha Spencer contributes to Cosmetics Design Asia

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