A scent-sational journey: Discover the beauty of Indian essential oils

A scent-sational journey: Discover the beauty of Indian essential oils

During in-cosmetics Asia 2022, essential oils were the third most searched-for product category, with fragrance ingredients also figuring as a highly popular type of ingredient — sought-after by almost a third of visitors to the Bangkok show. Its popularity can in part be attributed to the “back to natural” trend we’re observing when looking at consumer behavior.

India’s Iconic Trademarks: Essential Oils

When it comes to the world of essential oils, India stands as a treasure trove of aromatic wonders. Among the suppliers in this thriving industry are Aromaaz International and Rakesh Sandal Industries.

Aromaaz International is renowned for its wholesale distribution of high-quality essential oils, catering to various industries.

On the other hand, Rakesh Sandal Industries has been a prominent manufacturer since 1972, offering a range of premium natural oils that are cherished for their purity and long shelf life. 

In an industry where fragrance and natural cosmetics intertwine, essential oils have become a trademark of the country. Some of the factors behind their recognition are the following:

  • Rich tradition and history: India has a long history and deep-rooted tradition in the production and use of essential oils. The country is known for its expertise in traditional systems of medicine, such as Ayurveda, which extensively uses essential oils for their therapeutic benefits.

  • Abundant botanical resources: India’s diverse and unique climate, along with its rich biodiversity, provides an abundance of botanical resources for essential oil production. The country is home to a wide variety of aromatic plants and herbs, many of which are used to extract essential oils. 
  • International demand: Indian essential oils have gained recognition and popularity in the global market. Their reputation for quality, authenticity, and natural sourcing has attracted buyers from all over the world.

The association of essential oils with cultural heritage and traditions further enhances their recognition and value. These rituals are now finding their way into the Western world, with lots of brands adapting their formulations to have an Ayurvedic touch.

One specific ritual in India where essential oils are commonly used is the practice of aromatherapy in Ayurveda. They are utilized in various ways, such as in oil massages (known as Abhyanga) and in steam inhalation (known as Nasya).

In Nasya, a few drops of specific essential oils, such as eucalyptus or peppermint, are diluted in a carrier oil and applied to the nasal passages. This ritual is believed to clear the nasal passages, enhance respiratory health, and promote mental clarity. 

The Tangy Delights of Citrus Essential Oils

Linked to the abundant botanical resources available in India, the country is a significant producer of various citrus essential oils, including lime and orange. Incorporating these ingredients into your formulation can be done in a variety of ways.

Take, for example, facial cleansers and toners: adding a small amount of mandarin or lemon essential oil can offer astringent properties and help promote a clearer complexion. Or how about haircare products: provide a pleasant aroma and potential scalp benefits with orange essential oil.

It is important to note that citrus essential oils are photosensitive, meaning it can increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Therefore, always educate your end user on the usage of your products. As with any essential oil, it’s recommended to dilute citrus essential oils properly in any formulations for topical applications.

Nature calls: How Essential Oils Fit into the Natural Trend

To gain insight into the role of essential oils within the natural trend, we’ll need to dive into their origins. Essential oils are derived from plant extracts, embodying the pure and concentrated essence of the plant from which it is sourced. This inherent connection with the plant kingdom allows them to be labelled as “natural”, which is in line with the ongoing trend towards natural ingredients. 

The surging popularity of natural ingredients and products has brought about an increased demand for essential oils. However, this heightened demand might also lead to the potential proliferation of lower quality oils on the market, with numerous suppliers attempting to meet the growing needs, ensuring the authenticity and quality of essential oils becomes paramount.

Essencia, Swiss creator of natural perfumes and supplier of essential oils, distinguishes itself by prioritizing the delivery of only the highest quality products. To guarantee exceptional quality, Essencia combines in-house analytical quality checks with the expertise of their perfumers — or rather, their noses. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident throughout their portfolio, which you can explore here. 

Experience the essence yourself

Given the rich tradition, abundant botanical resources, and expertise in essential oil production, it’s no wonder that Indian essential oils have gained immense popularity over the years.

The journey through the world of essential oils unveils their remarkable potential in personal care formulations. They don’t just offer physical benefits, but also enhance the sensory experience, capturing the essence of nature within your personal care products.

Let these essential oils transport you to a realm where nature’s essence meets personal care, creating products that not only nourish the body but also uplift the spirit. Start your search for the right essential oils today!

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