All about suncare – a 60-second interview with BASF’s Head Global Technical Center Sun Care

All about suncare – a 60-second interview with BASF’s Head Global Technical Center Sun Care

An interview with Marcel Schnyder, Head Global Technical Center Sun care, BASF.

Marcel Schnyder has a lifetime experience in home and personal care area and started his career at Ciba-Geigy 40 years ago. He worked in technical services for optical brighteners for detergents as well as in antimicrobial business for home and personal care applications in close cooperation with customers. For more than 10 years, he has been responsible for the global technical center sun care and established the technical support on UV filters for Ciba and then with BASF after the merger with BASF. Marcel is a member of the German IFSCC and presented papers at international congresses such as in-cosmetics, ABC or Coschem.

BASF claims to be the leading supplier for UV-filters. This means you need to live up to high expectations as well on innovation. How do you manage that?

We are recognised for our high competence in all areas of sunscreen development, from research competence to product development and all the way to regulatory questions. The last four highly efficient UV-filters launched are from BASF. On top of that, we take advantage of our broad portfolio across all personal care products: We offer complete Suncare solutions to our customers that match their specific needs.

What are currently the biggest challenges in UV-filter development?

In spite of the complex regulatory background to register new filters, we continue to bring new products to market. Our latest example is Tinosorb S Lite Aqua. It brings broad-band UV protection to the water phase, allowing to reduce the UV filter load in the oil phase, for more formulation flexibility and lighter formulations. Like all our innovative UV filters, it combines high absorption performance with photostability.

What are the new trends in sun protection?

We are constantly looking for improved sensory features, efficient suppression of radical formation and higher environmental compatibility. We are applying these principles to our whole range of suncare products to serve the growing need for balanced sun protection. This means the right sun protection for every day, from low SPF products for short sun exposures in the morning or evening to products with very high SPF for high intensity light or longer stays in the sun.

What importance do regional differences have for sun care?

Due to the differences in the regulatory framework and differing preferences of the end consumers it is very difficult or even not possible to develop suncare formulations that can be brought to the global market without regional adaptation. While sunscreens used for beach care for example in Europe are very much performance and safety driven, suncare products in Asia are mainly used in the daily skincare routine where sensorial aspects play a more important role. In general, in hot and humid areas a light and dry sensory is a key parameter, while a heavier formulation may be perceived as more caring and protecting in areas with dryer climatic conditions. The selection of approved UV filters and the maximal concentrations that can be used are different in different regions and so are performance requirements for identical claims.

BASF at in-cosmetics Global:

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