Star of the Month – December 2019: PerfectionPeptide P7 from Mibelle AG Biochemistry

Star of the Month – December 2019: PerfectionPeptide P7 from Mibelle AG Biochemistry

Helping to actively protect skin from the inside, Mibelle AG Biochemistry’s PerectionPeptide P7 has been awarded the in-cosmetics North America ‘Star of the Month’ for December.

The new anti-ageing biologically active heptapeptide, stimulates the skin’s own self-defense mechanisms against oxidative stress, helping to:

  • activate the skin’s self-protection capacity
  • reduce environmental and chronological ageing
  • protect DNA against oxidation
  • neutralize free radicals
  • empower the skin’s own antioxidant capacity.

Skin cells respond to oxidative stress generated either internally or externally by activating the transcription factors Nrf2, which Mibelle describes as ‘a master switch in the cellular self-protection system’. However, ageing down-regulates this natural process.

In unstressed cells, Nrf2 activity is repressed by the Keap1 protein, which Mibelle Biochemistry has successfully replicated in PerfectionPeptide P7 to both boost Nrf2 activity and protect the skin from oxidative stress at the cellular level.

And, clinical studies have confirmed its claims, while demonstrating that is can significantly reduce DNA damage, the UV-induced formation of sunburn cells and depletion of Langerhans (antigen-presenting immune) cells.

It is ideal for application in daily defense (DD) creams, protecting and regenerating skincare, age prevention products and sun protection in concentrations of 2%.

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Contact the Mibelle AG Biochemistry team via in-cosmetics North America 2019 Exhibitor Directory.

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