What will be trending at in-cosmetics Asia 2016

What will be trending at in-cosmetics Asia 2016

With in-cosmetics Asia just a few months away, what trends should you look out for and what formulation needs should we expect to be met by suppliers at the show? Read about the latest trends in Asian personal care and what will be hot at this year’s event…

Evolution of anti-pollution actives

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a big increase in actives that shield the skin against pollution. Now, we’re seeing the performance of these actives evolve, not only to provide a shielding protective effect, but also protection against UV and even blue light. Even better, we’re now seeing actives that provide this multi-protective shield as well as ‘detox’ functions to help reverse the damage done through daily pollution and free-radical exposure.

Minimally disruptive formulations meet ‘fast-fashion’ innovation

Asia’s most influential beauty and personal care consumers are increasingly coming from a younger market. To meet these needs, product innovations need to have dramatically reduced development lead times and meet ‘fast-fashion’ principles. One of the best ways to achieve this is to utilise a minimally disruptive formulation approach – developing reliable ‘base’ formulations that can be manipulated reliably and easily to address the specific needs of different target markets.

These bases, when formulated carefully, can dramatically reduce development, evaluation and stability testing requirements – cutting R&D costs and time frames considerably. Companies wanting to meet the fast-fashion needs of younger consumer groups should look at already developed concepts and how they can be adapted using this minimally disruptive approach to bring their innovations to market faster without compromising quality.

Masstige products continue to grow

Undoubtedly one of the fastest growing trends is for masstige products – products that perform like prestige products but at a mid-range price. The challenge here is to produce aesthetically beautiful products that incorporate high-performing cosmeceutical actives, while keeping the price in the mid-range. How can this be achieved? Look for multi-functional ‘functional’ and ‘active’ materials that enable you to get a lot of performance and elegant sensory from only a few materials to keep a cap on manufacturing costs. Fortunately, there are now multiple multi-functional materials to keep your chemists busy building unique developments for your organisational needs within a moderate budget.

Long-wearing, light-feeling colour turns natural

Colour cosmetics will forever be high selling in this market – ensuring they are long wearing, yet light feeling is an expectation. We are now seeing an exciting influx of ‘green and natural’ silicone replacement materials enabling formulators to achieve the light sensory expectations of colour cosmetics, making these products more natural without compromising skin feel or durability. We’ll see a big swing toward natural claims in colour cosmetics once these materials are increasingly incorporated into formulations. Look for green silicone replacements at the upcoming show to keep up with this emerging trend.

Find what you need to keep ‘on-trend’ at in-cosmetics Asia

Hearing about trends and what is coming up is one thing; formulating to keep up with trends is another. By attending in-cosmetics Asia 2016, you can connect with the suppliers of materials, enabling you to create inspirational products.

in-cosmetics Asia will take place from 8-10 November 2016 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. For further details, including information on visiting, go to www.in-cosmeticsasia.com, follow the event on Twitter at www.twitter.com/incosmetics or join the debate on LinkedIn at www.in-cosmetics.com/linkedin or on our Facebook pages at www.facebook.com/incosmeticsgroup (English) and www.facebook.com/incosmeticsasia (Thai).

Belinda Carli is the Official Technical Advisor for the in-cosmetics Group. She is also the Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science – specialists in distance and online training so you and your staff can learn to take care of your own formulation, regulatory and/or brand management needs. Contact: belinda@personalcarescience.com.au for more information or visit www.personalcarescience.com.au


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