Exploring the popularity of facial masks at in-cosmetics Asia

Exploring the popularity of facial masks at in-cosmetics Asia

Facial masks – a trend that has its roots in Asia – are big news in the beauty industry. ‘Masking’ was the most searched-for skincare term earlier this year, according to Google statistics, and manufacturers are now taking varied and innovative approaches in textures and materials. According to Transparency Market Research, the global sheet face masks market is expected to reach US$336.7mn by the end of 2024 (evaluated at US160.4mn in 2015). They project a year-on-year growth of 8.7% from 2016 to 2024.

Analysts have identified emerging economies such as Indonesia, Argentina, China, Brazil, and India as lucrative markets for sheet face masks for the next few years. The strengthening economies of these countries, growing disposable incomes, and changing lifestyles are all expected to make a significant contribution to the rising revenue of the global market. These markets will also benefit from the increasingly strong presence of manufacturers in the region.

As a beauty regime must-have, it is not surprising that it will feature heavily at this year’s in-cosmetics Asia. According to Mintel, 88% of urban females in China aged 30-39 used a sheet mask in the six months to April this year. Three in four used sleeping masks overnight, while 69% of these consumers used sheet masks in the evening. Facial masks that contain snail cream from Korea are extremely popular in Hong Kong, with consumers changing their facial care regime to include the use of a mask as much as twice a week compared with once a week a few years ago. In Singapore, skincare regimes including facial masks that incorporate healing and anti-aging properties and ingredients such as argan oil serum, green tea extract, Vitamin C and Mandelic acid are popular.

Sharon Kwek, Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, said: “The popularity of sheet masks remains high and will continue to do so as a result of the product’s ability to offer consumers different skincare benefits in a convenient manner and short turnaround time.”

The latest developments in the sector include the use of watermelon in facial masks, which has captured the imagination of manufacturers and consumers alike for the implied sensation of refreshing coolness. Clay masks in sheet format are also on the rise, due to their improved usability with less mess than traditional clay face masks; and the multi-mask. Perfect for consumers with combination skin concerns, the multi-masking concept enables consumers to address contradictory skin problems simultaneously.

Nourishing skin

As part of a new Spotlight On Facial Masks feature at in-cosmetics Asia from 31 October to 2 November, Sharon Kwek of Mintel will share her expertise on this trend. A presentation at the Marketing Trends and Regulations stage on 1 November from 1-1.45pm will explore the latest updates and expectations for future growth within this fast-paced, exciting sector.

The feature will include a dedicated product area showcasing active and functional ingredients and mask materials that are specifically suited to face or eye mask creation.

Ichimaru Pharcos will showcase its Biobenefity ingredient, produced to combat damage done to skin by environmental stressors like UV, which causes photo-ageing and pigmentation. Cynaropicrin is in an active component in Biobenefity that prevents these by controlling the activity of Nf-kB in the skin cells. It also effectively minimises noticeable pores and possesses an almost transparent liquid appearance.

PoreAway by Mibelle Biochemistry is another cosmetic ingredient that will be showcased in the Spotlight area. Prepared from Mastic (the resin from the Pistacia Lentiscus tree), PoreAway was found to inhibit the enzyme 5alpha-reductase type I, a key factor in sebum production. It reduces pore openings and the appearance of shiny skin as well as treating all the signs of adult acne.

All this and more will be on show to inspire and educate R&D professionals across the cosmetic and personal care industry. Visit www.in-cosmeticsasia.com for further information and to register online to gain free entry to the event.

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