Can premium natural skincare compete with conventional skincare?

Can premium natural skincare compete with conventional skincare?

By Stacey Fraser, Nature’s Blueprint Consultancy Services


In a word, yes. I’ve been working in the natural skincare world for over 15 years and in that time, we have gone from a small range of “natural” ingredients to some of the most, high end, sophisticated functional and efficacy proven actives available.  It is an exciting time for naturally inspired skincare designs.

Functional ingredients offer a multitude of textures while, natural fragrances are no longer just essential oils, but a blend of essential oil components to create bespoke complex fragrances.

Many years ago, I designed a “natural” skincare product that was inspired by a leading conventional beauty house brand, encapsulating an oil blend and vitamins into booster capsules. This product is still a #1 seller in the natural category globally and has been updated with new packaging.

We can now take the latest on “trend” beauty products and reverse engineer them to create the most “natural” equivalent, and this is what consumers are asking for. The drive for natural is in full demand as people seek products that are pure, trustworthy, offer great efficacy, as well as being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Health and wellbeing are driving this demand as we all strive for a “holistic ‘lifestyle and protect ourselves from the external environment that can have an impact on our skin. Join me at in-cosmetics Asia and learn about what your customer wants and expects from natural products, the different types and who is doing it well. We will show examples of how to design and create concepts that will surprise and delight your customers.

Stacey Fraser will host a presentation on Designing high quality skincare, the natural way, on 1st November, 14.30-15.15 in the Marketing Trends and Regulations Theatre. Register to attend for free.

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