60-second interview with Jojoba Desert on jojoba, sustainability and empowering customers

60-second interview with Jojoba Desert on jojoba, sustainability and empowering customers

Mrs. Lee Reuveni, Chief Executive Officer of Jojoba Desert

She has over a decade of solid experience in the international cosmetics and personal care industry, and a strong passion for innovation and creativity. Before joining the company, Lee was Head of Commercial Division at Aromor Flavors and Fragrances. Her Expertise ranges from leading strategic development projects to cross-functional team management, specializing in working with top cosmetic manufacturers to establish successful partnerships, and R&D cooperation.

Today, Lee is leading Jojoba Desert’s global business strategy and vision towards the development of the next generation of cutting-edge Jojoba oil products.
Lee holds an MBA., from the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel, specializing in finance and financial risk management.

What do you think are the main benefits of using jojoba from a formulation viewpoint?

When applying JD Jojoba oil to the skin, the product’s extraordinary properties mimic lubricant produced by the human body (human sebum). JD Jojoba oil is an oil-free liquid wax that prevents transdermal water loss while enabling the skin’s absorption of other active compounds and essential oils. JD jojoba oil is a great anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing wax that is soothing, safe to use, suitable for all skin types and has a long shelf-life of minimally 3 years.

Collaboration between the raw material supplier and the customers – the manufacturers – in the cosmetic industry, is most important. How do you empower your customers?

Customer empowerment can be achieved through a three-pronged approach:

  1. Creative Innovator – Creating innovative R&D, BD, Marketing & Sales strategies to lead the next generation of Jojoba-based products, from pure oils to enriched blends.
  2. Dedicated Partner – Researching consumer demands and forming partnerships to present consumers with clear benefits when using JD products, leading to our customers’ success.
  3. Responsible Leader – Abiding by quality standards and harnessing operational abilities to guarantee quality, sustainability, long shelf-life and a stable supply of premium jojoba products.

Sustainability is a crucial criterion in decision making regarding the raw material supplier in the cosmetic industry. What are Jojoba Desert’s sustainability credentials?

Jojoba Desert products are guaranteed sustainable from seed to oil. Our operations combine growing terms, quality standards and operational abilities, making JD a responsible Jojoba industry world leader. Our sustainable practices include maintaining a green area surrounding our plantations, using reclaimed water, renewable energy (solar and from discarded waste) sources and reusing Jojoba pulp. These practices enable JD to ensure a long product shelf-life and a stable JD product supply with respect to environment and nature.

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