Which beauty trends will surprise us during 2023?

Which beauty trends will surprise us during 2023?

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Some have already been talking in 2022, others come by surprise. What will we see in 2023? Concern for mental health, self-care, and loss of purchasing power will be felt in users’ purchasing decisions:

  1. Meaningful beauty. The intentionality behind brands and products will come to the fore. The consumer continues to demand transparency and will take into account the entire universe surrounding the brand and its philosophy.
  2. Beauty as therapy. Beauty will be one of the dimensions of self-care and will be one of the pillars of self-care. Along with concern for improving mental health and wellness, beauty will be understood as a daily routine that has the ability to make us feel better.
  3.  More by less. Due to the increase in the cost of living, users will ask for more for less, but without sacrificing efficiency.
  4. If 2022 has been the year of celebrity beauty brands, 2023 aims to be the year in which big fashion and luxury brands launch their own beauty brands.


The total look of pink and fuchsia so representative of the tendency of Barbiecore will coexist with the Grunge Glam that mixes decadence and luxury and that carries us to think of black eyeliners that starred the looks of make-up more mythical of the 90s, as the one of Avril Lavigne. In fact, according to a study by Beauty Foot, the research of ‘make-up of Avril Lavigne’ increased by 39% and continue growing during this year.

The inspiration Goth Glam will live also his renaissance during 2023, Wednesday Addams has not done more than give her visibility and sophistication to this tendency of make-up. In contrast to these more marked aesthetics, the tendency to wear healthy, juicy skin with natural makeup will remain one of the most popular in 2023.

What will see in skincare?

Brilliant formulas that aim to make the skin shine and make it look healthy and natural. The Skin Cycling will give step to the Skin Boosting. This tendency invites to be followed a routine of facial care in which we reinforce the skin applying ingredients more powerful a pair of days to the week.

Luckily in 2023 we will see to die tendencies of facial care like the SPF Contouring, a trend that did viral through Tik Tok in which it proposed create a facial outline using the protective solar alone in those areas of the face that wanted to keep lit, whereas the areas of outline had to leave without solar protection to obtain through the tan an ideal outline.

Regarding the active, the research of the efficiency and good results expected of the treatments of cosmetic will do that the formulas with scientific evidence keep on being the most wished in the products of facial care.

Ceramides: is expected to remain one of the star assets of 2023 as they have been during 2022. Strengthening the skin’s protective barrier as well as its care is a basic goal of any beauty routine.

Niacinamide and acids will follow are among the most demanded assets. Although these ingredients are not new, consumers increasingly know their properties and will look for formulas that include them. Knowledge about formulation and active ingredients will continue to grow thanks to the boom of what we know as Skintellectual

Chebula: If you haven’t heard of this asset, get ready to discover it in 2023. In the last period, searches for this ingredient have grown by 922%. It is a plant used for years in Ayurvedic medicine with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

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