Following the path of wearable and mobile technology

Following the path of wearable and mobile technology

The general path of technology suggests that electronic devices gradually get smaller and more powerful and this, over time, has got us to the point that ‘wearable’ tech is no longer the stuff of sci-fi and comics. Currently much of the talk about wearable tech has focused on fitness concepts, but the personal care industry also has a great deal of potential in this field. Naturally, the proximity of wearable tech to the skin means that data can potentially be fed directly from the skin to the device, opening up a whole world of possibilities.

Consumers have never been more in tune with their physiology and the knowledge on personal care ingredients is also growing. The blossoming of technology along with a consumer desire for skin specific products can now lead to truly targeted, tailored products that consumers can use based on real time information. This real time data could be particularly beneficial in sun care applications, where minutes can make the difference in preventing overexposure.

Instant information is only one way in which modern mobile technology can assist personal care consumers. Mobile phones, with their high resolution cameras and PC-rivalling processing power, can be used to track the progress of wrinkles over a defined period, enabling a helpful visualisation of areas that need particular attention. Other Apps such as L’Oreal’s Color Genius allows people to enter the colour of their outfit, time of day and location to suggest a lip, eye and nail colour that matches, blends or clashes with the users clothes, as well as taking a photo of their hand to try out different varnish colours.

We are just at the beginning of the journey where consumer technology and the personal care industry combine to offer new services and more tailored products to people. It will be fascinating to see where it takes us in the near and distant future.

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