Connecting the dots: in-cosmetics and Covalo revolutionize how the beauty industry connects

Connecting the dots: in-cosmetics and Covalo revolutionize how the beauty industry connects

Discover a new way to connect within the beauty and personal care industry: in-cosmetics Group and Covalo bring you Discover, bridging the physical and digital world.

in-cosmetics, the meeting point and learning hub for the personal care development community worldwide, has joined forces with Covalo, a comprehensive search platform connecting beauty brands and suppliers.

Together, they have created Discover: an innovative online platform that will transform the way visitors and exhibitors can find their best business matches before, during and after in-person events.

Here are a few insights about what visitors are looking for, that we could already learn from Discover ahead of the event:

  • There is a general trend towards Marine ingredients – from seaweed, to marine sponges, to upcycled fish skin! – as a response to the interest shown by consumers in novel bioactive compounds from natural sources, instead of synthetic ingredients. Marine ingredients can help offer skin vitamins and minerals, UV and anti-oxidant protection,  anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-aging benefits and more, while doubling as a potential eco-friendly solution.
  • Henna is the most surprising out of the top viewed products on Discover! An ingredient as old as time, that can be used towards different performance claims. It is most popularly used as a natural dye for semi-permanent hair colouring systems, usually delivered in a shampoo base.
  • Active Ingredients have 3x the amount of searches of any other ingredient functions on Discover.
  • Contract Manufacturing and Testing are the most sought after services on the platform.

Discover is a new digital platform for in-cosmetics events, allowing visitors and exhibitors to connect and collaborate all year round.

The platform enables visitors to search for products, engage with suppliers, and get inspired by the latest product launches. Discover also helps exhibitors to promote their new ingredients and innovations, and to arrive at the event already with warm leads.

Whether it’s your first time at an in-cosmetics event or if you are a frequent visitor, you’ll probably want to drink in all the innovation, understand in which direction the industry is moving, or listen to experts on various topics.

But on the other hand, you probably have a few very concrete projects you’re working on, and you might not be quite sure how to optimise your time and connections at the upcoming event.

In comes Discover:

  • Start browsing through the products of all exhibitors ahead of the event, to find that specific ingredient or formulation you are looking for;
  • Filter for specific certifications, claims, and many other attributes that are key for your formulation brief;
  • Conveniently request documents, quotes, samples and meetings with your short-listed exhibitors, so that you can make the most out of your event visit.

Now you’re ahead of the game: you haven’t even been to the event yet, but already you have selected highly relevant exhibitors, bookmarking them on your Discover profile.

Schedule a meeting or head straight to the right stand to establish that personal connection that can only be achieved in person.

With this approach, you’ll get to these discussions better prepared and well-informed. Just think about the time, patience, and aimless circles you just saved your future self from!

When you get to the event, you’ll have more time and energy to enjoy discovering what the future of cosmetic innovation is looking like, and stumble across connections you weren’t even planning on making – which is what wandering at a cosmetic fair is great for!

The magic of an in-person event can never be replaced: establishing personal connections, getting inspired, learning and exploring the latest innovation in the industry, the sensorial experience of seeing, touching and smelling the different ingredients!

Once combined with the digital experience of Discover, you’ll be able to make the most out of your experience.

The in-cosmetics Group is all about the beauty of collaboration and has a long-standing reputation for organising successful in-person events, bringing together suppliers of personal care ingredients, brands and cosmetics manufacturers.

With 40,000+ visitors and 1,800+ exhibitors, the in-cosmetics Group has become the leading personal care ingredient community, with recurring events all around the world.

Covalo, on the other hand, helps beauty brands and suppliers connect online through their comprehensive search platform and wide access to data. Currently more than 80,000 ingredients are listed by more than 1,000 suppliers, readily available 365 days a year.

It is the combination of both sets of expertise that has led to Discover, which is set to play a key role in the future of the personal care industry.

Discover shows how technology can drive innovation in an industry that values personal relationships, allowing the beauty and personal care industry to seamlessly connect in both realms.

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