Colour cosmetic trends in India

Colour cosmetic trends in India

2023 is the year of India at in-cosmetics Asia and this is part of a series to shine a light on the dynamic Indian personal care market…

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Koel Colours refer to their brand as “Global Champion in Dyes and Pigments”. In this quickfire interview, we sat down with Rishabh Desai, Director – Global Sales & Marketing at Koel Colours to gather his views about the colour cosmetic market and its current trends…

Post pandemic, how have colour cosmetics trends changed?

It is fair to say that trends have changed dramatically! Matt used to be in vogue but in India in particular, glossy is the preferred look. With millennials and the older Gen Z, the bling bling style is deemed more attractive whilst under 25 consumers prefer matt and the younger generation prefer a more metallic finish on their face. All in all, it’s about mixing the 2 looks together.

How does Koel Colours tap into these trends?

We offer ingredients that cater for both trends, from pink, but lighter than magenta to brown -we call them Gorgeous Pink and Elegant Brown. In India brown is the trend par excellence at the moment – it looks more natural as it matches local skin tones form light to dark with the benefit of looking more natural on photographs, too. Brown is used a lot in the lip area with subtle shades but Red still appeals more to Generation Z!

So does this mean a rosy future for colour cosmetics?

Yes, the colour cosmetic category is back and it is getting very strong. After a couple of years where the sector ground to a halt, consumers are now appreciating colour cosmetics again because of its value. And we have also noted even better quality as multinational brands in particular have stepped up their efforts.

What is Koel’s vision in the sector?

Heavy metals are clearly a concern for the end consumer. Diversification is one of our priorities and sustainability is top of mind so we are working hard on the R&D front to focus on natural sources. As an example, we use hectorite clay minerals to create certain effects with lipstick and mattifying agents. All our natural colours are fully compliant with global regulations and they have also been certified by major regulatory bodies such as FDA, FSSAI.

Koel Colours will be exhibiting at in-cosmetics Asia on 7-9 November

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