Cosmetic trend predictions for 2023

Cosmetic trend predictions for 2023

With 2022 ending, what trends should cosmetic brands be watching out for? Now is the time to start development to ensure a 2023 launch, and these are the cosmetic trend predictions sure to be hot and happening this new year: watch the video overview of these trends here.

#1 Cosmetic trend 2023: Conscious beauty

Since the passing of the EU Technical Document on Cosmetic Claims effectively banning unsuitable ‘free from’ claims, we saw a plethora of companies jump on the poorly defined ‘clean beauty’ bandwagon. Since every different cosmetic brand seemed to have a different view on what constituted a clean ingredient or product, it became even more confusing to consumers and a bigger regulatory burden for brands as they scrambled to try to find suitable evidence to support a ‘clean beauty’ claim. In 2023, we’ll see a move toward a far better cosmetic marketing term: conscious beauty.

What is conscious beauty? It will combine sustainable sourcing, ethical sourcing, and a choice for ingredients with real benefits for the skin or hair. All of these statements are easily supported with appropriate evidence, and the term ‘conscious beauty’ is easy for a consumer to understand without needing to deceive them with complicated and unsubstantiated jargon.

#2 Cosmetic trend 2023: Customisation

Consumers now, more than ever, want products to suit their specific lifestyle, needs and individuality. While customization has been a growing cosmetic trend over previous years, it is really going to become a must-have in 2023 and beyond. Make sure your product range has a customizable product or offering to help your consumers feel heard. Get some great ideas from our customizable cosmetics video as well as some tips on how to ensure easy on-line customization for consumers.

#3 Cosmetic trend 2023: Gender neutral and inclusivity

In 2023 we’re going to see an increase in cosmetic product launches claiming gender neutral and/or inclusive beauty. Formulating gender neutral is not difficult – but you do need to consider the biological skin types of your consumer rather than how they identify, then market the products effectively in a way that helps your gender-neutral audience know what to look for. Our video on gender neutral cosmetic formulas provides you with great tips on how to formulate for a gender-neutral audience to fit this trend.

Adding gender neutral products to your range is especially important if you are targeting those in the Gen-Z or Millennial age groups, but can still benefit all brands with a more inclusive approach.

#4 Cosmetic trend 2023: Refillable packaging

There will be a growing focus on packaging in 2023, and recyclable packaging at a very minimum will be the new ‘standard’. See some great tips and innovations in sustainable packaging in this video. In 2023, we’ll see some great refillable packaging emerge, and innovative brands that are able to bring products to market using this new packaging will really stand out. Make sure your cosmetic products are packaged in renewable, recyclable and otherwise sustainable packaging materials, reduce excess packaging where it is otherwise not required, and move to refillable packaging where possible to show your consumer additional steps you are taking toward conscious beauty!

#5 Cosmetic trend 2023: Fast visible results essential

Consumers want products that work: this is not a new concept! However, consumers are more savvy, discerning and even demanding when it comes to product results. When they’re happy, they’re also keen to share this on social media, which is great news for any brand. Make sure your products contain either a fast-acting active, or where the active may need time to work, provide your consumer with some opacifying, soft focus or skin firming results for an instant wow factor while the key actives provide longer term benefits in the background. Our blog explains how to formulate for rapid results, and it is an essential element of any successful launch in 2023.

As an industry we’ve had a lot to deal with in recent years, and there have been some significant economic changes for consumers as well. 2023 is a chance for brands to show their innovation, conscious and sustainable decisions, whilst ensuring consumers feel heard and are offered customised, individualised products with fast-acting results. Make sure your developments incorporate a few of these trends, (or all of them if formulating for Gen-Z or Millennials!) and you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Here’s to an amazing 2023, happy formulating!

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