How to achieve Malaysia halal cosmetics compliance

How to achieve Malaysia halal cosmetics compliance

Halal cosmetics is a growing, international market with more opportunities than ever for halal compatible cosmetic manufacturers. With a big presence in Asia Pacific, we show you how to become halal cosmetics certified in Malaysia.

The three accredited bodies in Halal Certification in Malaysia are Jakim, Main and Jain. Each of the authorities listed will perform evaluations on all products, consumables, food premises, slaughterhouses for Muslims under Trade Description Act 2011.

You can apply for Malaysia Halal Certification as a manufacturer, distributor, subcontractor or re-packer.

In order to qualify for certification, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Register with SSM/ Cooperative Commission Malaysia/ Other Government Agencies Hold Agencies
  • Hold local authority license
  • Full operation before application is made
  • Produce or handle Halal products only
  • Source of ingredients referred to as Halal must come from a Halal certified supplier
  • Repackaging application must be accompanied with recognized Halal certificate
  • Apply for all types of products or menu which are produced by factory or premise

There are some circumstances in which applicants will be non-eligible, including but not limited to the following:

  • Non halal product
  • Application with no standard reference
  • Companies produced/ distribute Halal & non-Halal products
  • Imported products relabelled without undergoing any processes in Malaysia
  • Similar branding for Halal and non Halal products
  • Products that lead to deviation of aqidah, superstition, deception
  • Early stage R&D products

Producers of drugs, hair dyes or nail polishes will automatically become ineligible as these are deemed as products that give negative implications towards religion.

In terms of ingredient and raw material sourcing:

  • Sources must be Halal
  • Valid Halal cert for Halal animal ingredients
  • Source for imported animal must be approved by DVS
  • Raw material without Halal cert should have complete specification
  • Not allowed to store non Halal ingredients

This information has been curated using a Holistics Lab PowerPoint presentation delivered at in-cosmetics Asia in November 2019.

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