Star of the Month – January 2020: Reneseed™ from LipoTrue

Star of the Month – January 2020: Reneseed™ from LipoTrue

The next in-cosmetics North America MarCos ‘Star of the Month’ is awarded to LipoTrue’s Reneseed™ – a retinol and acid retinoic alternative for day and night treatments.

Reneseed™ contains plant-Transforming Growth Factor Beta-2 (plant-TGFb-2), implicated in the extracellular matrix protein synthesis and the production of epidermal lipids. Well-Balanced TGFb2 signalling is essential to sustain the skin in a healthy and functional condition and to support the maintenance of a young appearance.

This active ingredient has a retinol and retinoic acid-like activity in terms of collagen and production efficacy. It is suitable for day and night treatments and helps skin to recover thanks to its broad-spectrum anti-ageing properties and pore minimising efficacy.

This unique product – described as the ‘seed of youth’ – offers a host of benefits for the consumer after just 28 days of use. This includes dramatically smoothing wrinkles, as well as reducing count, volume and depth by 16%, 11% and 14% respectively. It is also reported to increase skin radiance by 42%, reduce pore size by up to 44% and increase hydration by 28%, while firmness and elasticity also improve by 11% and 6%, respectively.

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Meet the LipoTrue team in New Jersey this October at in-cosmetics North America 2020 

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