Solutions for fine lines and wrinkles | Ep. 5

Solutions for fine lines and wrinkles | Ep. 5

Welcome to Formulation Fridays, the video series that brings you industry insights, the latest ingredients and how you can use them to power your cosmetics formulations.

On this episode, our specialists Lorna Radford and Rouah Al-Wakeel guide you to high-quality ingredient solutions you could add to your formulations for effective results in restoring elasticity, improving firmness and protecting the skin. Discover them now:

Here’s a rundown of the ingredients featured in the video and their respective suppliers:

  1. Gatuline® Expression AF from Gattefossé
  2. Pure Medi from Danjoungbio Co.,Ltd.
  3. SKINectura™ from IFF – Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
  4. The OceanDerMX™ series from Organic Bioactives Ltd

Visit the in-cosmetics Asia website to find out more.

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