POWERING THE MIND: Innovations for Asia-Pacific’s Cerebral Age

POWERING THE MIND:  Innovations for Asia-Pacific’s Cerebral Age

Today’s knowledge economy means that we are over-indexing on mental work as a form of economic activity. Solutions that support people with focus, attention and even mood elevation are in demand, particularly with the new understanding that our mental states are inextricably linked to performance. Mental stamina is what knowledge economy workers are after—in the same way, physical stamina is sought after by marathon runners.

This sea change is presenting companies and brands in Asia-Pacific, including players in the beauty and personal care industry, with new strategic opportunities to provide balance and solutions for people who want to nurture and boost mental performance. Mintel is witnessing a growing awareness of and desire for products

and services that offer functional benefits for the mind. Consumers, today, are giving companies and brands permission to be a part of their self-improvement journey and mental workout routines. It is now time for companies and brands to offer consumers solutions that help them perform, achieve and surpass their own expectations.

Mintel takes into consideration the shifts in how consumers are managing self-care in three areas: work, rest and play. We take a look at the different strategies companies and brands are undertaking to cater to consumers on the lookout for products and services that power the mind.

This report takes a look at how consumers manage self-care in a WORK related context. To hear more on this and discover the topics of REST and PLAY be sure to attend one of Mintel’s Live Demonstrations located on the Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics Asia 5 – 7 November, Bangkok, Thailand.

You can download the report here.


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