Innovations in Asia driving the next generation of global cosmetics

in-cosmetics Asia to showcase hundreds of innovations from across the world


With brands across the globe increasingly looking to Asia for inspiration, the demand for new ingredients to create the next generation of personal care products has never been higher.


Historically, personal care products have moved predominantly from the West to Asia. However, a shift is on the horizon with increasing disposable income in countries such as China and South Korea driving innovation within the region – ideas that western brands are looking to export across the globe.


A view backed by Fabrice Weber, President of Asia Pacific for Estée Lauder, who recently told the Wall Street Journal: “We are completely convinced that the best of innovation will travel from the East to the West.” While industry analysts suggest that Asian-inspired products, like cushion compacts, are becoming must-have items in Europe and the US.


Furthermore, Japan is expected to lead global innovation in the nutricosmetics sector, where it is forecast to hold a 54.8 percent share of the Asia Pacific market by 2017[1], while the speed and creativity of production in South Korea is putting it at the forefront of innovation in the industry. China is also becoming a key player due to its market size, with L’Oréal claiming it is becoming a source of inspiration for the rest of the world.


With both global and Asia-based brands and personal care product manufacturers looking for the next big ideas, where will they find the ingredients to deliver this innovation?


in-cosmetics Asia returns to Bangkok in under four weeks’ time, providing an opportunity for buyers to source new raw materials from up to 400 of the leading personal care ingredients businesses across the world.


Alongside the industry-respected Innovation Zone, where 37 new ingredients and technologies will be displayed, in-cosmetics Asia will feature five key Product Trails. The natural and organic, UV filters, anti-ageing, Chinese and skin whitening ingredients trails are designed to streamline the process of finding innovations, allowing visitors to quickly locate some of the world’s most innovative ingredients. Additionally, the event will host its annual awards, unveiling the Innovation Zone’s best functional and active ingredients.


At in-cosmetics Asia 2015, Organic Monitor will highlight 20 of the best natural and organic ingredients, including Brighlette by Lipotec (stand F10) – a brightening active ingredient that reduces both the production and the deposition of melanin in the skin by targeting key steps of the pigmentation process. Also on show will be Gatuline® Spot-Light from Gattefossé (stand C11) – a safe and natural solution for a brighter skin complexion with less visible age spots – and Cobiolift by Cobiosa (stand F69) – a purified fraction of polysaccharides extracted from quinoa seeds that has a remarkable tightening and lifting effect.


With China under the spotlight as part of the China Country Focus at the show, a number of key new ingredients from the country will be presented. Among them is Carboxymethyl Yeast Beta-Glucan C90 by Angel Yeast (stand F54) – a skin repair promoter and polysaccharide that exists in the cell wall of yeast which can greatly revitalise the skin’s defence system. And Tranexamic Acid BP2009 by Spec-Chem (stand K40) – an ingredient for removing pigmentation that is freely soluble in water and glacial acetic acid, and is suitable for all types of skin.


For those looking for innovative UV filters ingredients, a panel of experts has identified the 10 best ingredients at in-cosmetics Asia. UVaxine by Induchem (stand H11), YOS E from Novacyi (stand D13) and Elix-IR by Lucas Meyer (stand J30) are just some on the unique innovations set to be presented at the show.


Elsewhere, 10 of the latest anti-ageing ingredient innovations will be on display, including Poly Helixan by Cobiosa (stand F69). While Delentigo by Mibelle Biochemistry (stand D18), G2White by Principium BSI (stand K67) and Superox C by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics (stand J30) will be showcased in the skin whitening product trail.


With a host of truly unique ingredients from companies such as Ashland, Gattefossé, CODIF R&N, Lipotec, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, Evonik Industries, Nikko Chemicals, Induchem, Lipoid Kosmetik and TECHNATURE in the running to win the best functional and active ingredients of the year, in-cosmetics Asia really has placed innovation at the forefront of this year’s event.


Sarah Gibson, Exhibition Director at in-cosmetics Asia, explained: “Asia is quickly becoming one of the global industry’s innovation hubs. With so many companies launching exciting new ingredients, it’s increasingly difficult for cosmetics and personal care brands to keep track. That’s why we make sure we provide assistance in the shape of the Innovation Zone and Product Trails that make it easy for our visitors to monitor the latest trends and enable them to create the next generation of products for consumers.”


in-cosmetics Asia will take place from 3-5 November 2015 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.


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[1] Transparency Market Research

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