Collagen Focus Webinar: A multifunctional ingredient for haircare & repair

Collagen Focus Webinar: A multifunctional ingredient for haircare & repair

Hailed as the “hero ingredient of the moment” according to Mintel, the fibrous, supportive protein we know as collagen is naturally produced by our bodies and can be found in bone, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and skin, but also plays a key role in maintaining the function of hair follicles. As we age, our body’s ability to preserve elasticity and hydration decreases due to insufficient production of collagen, making the maintenance of healthy hair a real challenge.

So it’s no surprise that the demand for products incorporating collagen in their formulas such as Sunsilk, one of the first in Asia to meet the trend, has been on the rise, with cosmetics brands increasingly promoting the use of the ingredient. Its market growth is set to hit €828.6m ($897.5m) by 2023, as stated by Market and Markets.

Looking to emulate collagen’s capacity to create the infrastructure for elastin and hyaluronic acid, creators worldwide have been using the ingredient to fabricate highly efficacious products and, consequently, meet consumer needs for:

  1. Hair growth, strength, regeneration and anti-oxidation
  2. Hair protection from pollution, colouring, blow-drying and other types of damage
  3. Natural shine and moisturising
  4. Reduction of split ends and frizz

An effective low-molecular-weight collagen such as AMICELL will repair damaged hair without being washed away by water or heat.

Join Beautee Collagen’s webinar session on 24 June to understand how the ingredient AMICELL penetrates through the splits and activates within the strand to improve hair sheen and texture while restoring damaged parts.

This patented material is also a natural touch, eco-friendly CL-Colagen-Fiber Lubricant that protects skin including atopic dermatitis.

Key Webinar learning points:  

  • Proven effects of collagen on hair such as improved texture, nourishment and gloss to rough hair
  • Application on synthetic wigs and boosting of natural texture
  • How the addition of fermented collagen and specialized binder within the ingredient maximises hair volume and moisture and protects the hair cuticle.

This is only one of the four sessions we’ll be hosting during The Science of K-Beauty Ingredients Day on 24 June. Learn all about each session, the ingredients you’ll discover and how to join on the event’s page here.

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