Brand-new Halal Cosmetics Zone to launch at in-cosmetics Asia 2019

Brand-new Halal Cosmetics Zone to launch at in-cosmetics Asia 2019

As we gear up for the 12th edition of in-cosmetics Asia – uniquely positioned in Thailand, the gateway to key consumer countries of halal products such as Indonesia, India and Malaysia – I’m excited to announce we will be launching a brand-new Halal Cosmetics Zone for 2019. The new show area aims to provide R&D professionals with a dedicated area that allows them to discover high-performance ingredients, materials and technologies for new formulations that are halal-certified: free of alcohol, animal fats and harsh chemicals.

Over the last few years, the Halal cosmetics industry has enjoyed a surge in popularity for a number of reasons, including a growing consumer awareness of the usage of animal-derived ingredients as well as increasing demand from mainstream consumers across the globe for halal-certified products. The numbers speak for themselves: market forecasts predict a 15% increase year-on-year, putting the global sector on track to reach over $54 billion by 2022[1].  Consumers are increasingly placing greater priority on halal compliance over factors such as packaging, organic ingredients and other trends – in fact, 58% of women in Indonesia now prefer to use halal cosmetics[2].

Ingredient manufacturers are continuing to make great efforts in this space, and we’re proud to see several long-standing in-cosmetics Asia exhibitors leading the way, such as DSM who have received halal certification for over half of its personal care portfolio[3], and Lonza who provide in excess of 200 halal-certified ingredients[4].

The new Halal Cosmetics Zone will shine a light on this burgeouning trend, helping attendees to not only source the latest certified ingredients from Halal ingredient suppliers such as Mibelle AG Biochemistry and HUNKA, but also to learn more about this area of the industry and be inspired so that they can create future formulations that meet the demands of a growing customer base.

Samples of high-performance materials and ingredients can be found in the new Halal Cosmetics Zone Test and Try area. As well as highlighting the very best halal-certified ingredients, the area will provide an interactive, hands-on experience, coupled with networking and education opportunities, making it an all-round and complete experience for any new product developer looking to expand upon their halal range.

The totally free-to-attend Discovery Theatre will provide further learning opportunities through a programme of thirty-minute presentations showcasing the latest halal-certified products and ingredients. We’re excited to welcome key speakers including Muti Arintawati, Vice Director for The Assessment Institute for Food, Drug and Cosmetic, The Indonesian Council of Ulama. She will explore the halal requirements for cosmetics, comprising materials, facility and products, and provide insights on the criteria outlined in the Halal Assurance System (HAS), a requirement of the Indonesian Council of Ulama.

I truly believe the launch of the new Halal Cosmetics Zone will add immense value to in-cosmetics Asia attendees this November. As a one-stop-shop for everything halal, this area of the show promises to support those visitors looking to develop new product innovations while also providing insights, information and intelligence on certification.

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[2] Research and Markets



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